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  1. In the evening, Knebworth 79 . Strange to see pagey with a strat.
  2. YES. Am not a fanboy or anything, but he set the ball rolling for others to follow.
  3. The rain song outro, when jimmy fingerpicks. Get the chills everytime.
  4. Damn this is so difficult! Voted for rover. Absolutely dig that one. Love ten years gone too. The knebworth 1979 version of that song is beautiful.
  5. Just rediscovering this forum & that am gonna be a regular for now onwards :-)
  6. I like JP. Admire how Tipton plays so effortlessly. My fav song has to be beyond the realms of death.
  7. Knebworth & No quarter from 1994,but then JPJ & JB weren't part of it.
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