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  1. Thank you scarlet, that is me playing. For recording I use a M-Audio fast track usb interface. For amp effects I used Overloud's TH2 & for recabinet 3 for cabinet simulation.So its pretty much all vst's. I've covered some zep songs too. Hopefully its to your taste :-) do watch.
  2. Hi folks. Recent events unfolding in the world around has has been bothering me for quite sometime now...I've been struggling to come to terms with what's happening...especially the middle east...the barbarism thats unleashed when few evil men control millions in the name of religion/ideology ... Thought I'd take us back in time to show why man has never learnt from history... its a megadeth song.. Developed a small storyline within the song. Please do watch & share your opinions. Thank you
  3. Nicely done mate, enjoyed it. Authentic tone as well.
  4. In the evening, Knebworth 79 . Strange to see pagey with a strat.
  5. YES. Am not a fanboy or anything, but he set the ball rolling for others to follow.
  6. voted kashmir. apart from ocean,whole lotta & heartbreaker, the rover too has an awesome riff that plays through out the song.
  7. presence. considering under the circumstances it was recorded, plant on a wheelchair.
  8. TSRTS is so nostalgic & mystical, but voted HTWWW.
  9. Studio versions are great, but live ones brought out the best in all the band members. Especially jimmy, be it that legendary 26 min version of D&C or the sibly solo on HTWWW
  10. als followed by for ur life & tea for one.
  11. Achilles last stand by a long way followed by sibly. Or maybe am being biased. That solo is just something else. The guitar overdubs backed up by jpj's bass & jb's drums. Love sibly too, the liver versions in how the west was won & tsrts edge out the studio one for me.
  12. Every fucking day! I have achilles last stand solo as my ringtone. My hair stands up everytime someone calls lol
  13. The rain song outro, when jimmy fingerpicks. Get the chills everytime.
  14. Damn this is so difficult! Voted for rover. Absolutely dig that one. Love ten years gone too. The knebworth 1979 version of that song is beautiful.
  15. Just rediscovering this forum & that am gonna be a regular for now onwards :-)
  16. The ocean surely is. Surprised no mone mentioned moby dick? That always puts a smile on my face
  17. I like JP. Admire how Tipton plays so effortlessly. My fav song has to be beyond the realms of death.
  18. The raing song is magical. Am not surprised! That outro is something else. Mystical.
  19. Just the solo :-) https://soundcloud.com/sri-page/led-zeppelin-the-rover
  20. Thank you all for the kind compliments friends :-) Was really nervous about sharing the video over here.... I kinda messed up the tone in my previous zep cover (sibly). brought a les paul type guitar just to cover this. Am so glad I didn't screw up! Love you all. Rock on!
  21. Hi there! Here's me jamming along to the rover. My absolute favorite from physical graffiti. The guitar is a cort cr250. Did my best to make it sound half decent! Hope you folks like it too. Thank you for watching. Cheers :-) http://vimeo.com/90510995
  22. SIBLY tsrts is really worth learning it mate. Feels like heaven when you play that particular version. Gave it a shot few months back. Cheers!
  23. Finished recording Gary Moore's loner. Next learning the rover from physical graffiti. Really love that one. Happy X'mas everyone :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj9YzI8IQWg
  24. @TheSwiety Awesome tone. You played it really well mate. @Plantpothead You probably in the wrong thread man..... this section is just meant for folks to share their covers... and yeah he played it really well.
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