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  1. It will be interesting to see to what extent any redevelopment is limtied by the fact it was declared a historical site. I just hoped it is not razed for a condo development because the last thing the city needs are more condos
  2. Physical Graffitti such a powerfully diverse album
  3. Rush are awesom,great live band technically for a trio, they certaintly pack a punch Live in Rio is amazing
  4. I know the feeling but since your from Brazil i figured the patrons would be dancing in the aisles
  5. I like both I dont understand why the TSRTS is so maligned it has some of their best live interpreations of their songs and in many cases i prefer it over the studio version Just consider: 1)No quarter, Rain Song and The Song remains the sam better than studio version imo 2)STH, Whole lotta Love,Dazed and Confused best live versions of official live relases How about OTHAFA from expanded versions prefer it over the How the West Was Won version
  6. Yes Led Zeppelin outsold Rolling Stones in the USA in terms of albums
  7. For Hong Kong and Taiwan crowd,dont think it screened in the mainland
  8. I agree with you by and large.with the only researvation being the number of greatest hits/box sets issued postumously. I am counting 1) Led Zeppelin Box Set i 2)Led Zeppelin Box Set 11 3)Remasters 4)Early Days 5)Latter Days 6)Earley/Latter Days 7)Mothership 8)Complete Studio Recordings 9) The other comprehensive box set which includes The Song remains the same
  9. These are US album sales only. If the Stones sold more albums than Zeppelin it is only because they have a staggering amount of releases and the fact they have been around for 50 years. During the 70s Zeppelin easily outsold the Stones on per album basis primarily because their were so massive in the USA
  10. 45 average. I saw few kids attend with their parents which is nice to see
  11. Hello fellow Canadians and all been a fan since the time Presence was released.
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