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  2. I DIDN"T I NEVER FUCKING SAID TO STOP LISTENING TO THEM, I NEVER CRITICIZED THEM, I WAS MERELY STATING MY OPINION.. I LIKE THE SONG!! CAN'T YOU READ? Geez people, just because someone has a different opinion than you, IT DOESN'T MAKE THEM A TROLL. You should really look up what an internet troll is.
  3. I disagree wholeheartedly with the claim that Led Zeppelin are the "greatest" act of all time. Hell, they don't even beat very many of the greats in influence (unless you count shi- oops, I mean heavy metal), hell, I've heard more artists cite The Beach Boys as an influence than Zeppelin. Sure, Zeppelin is good (bolding this so no one can say "get out of this forum if you don't like zeppelin (or any such variation)"), and I enjoy them, but the "best" title, is better reserved for acts such as The Beatles (even though I'm not to big of a fan) or The Rolling Stones. At least in rock music.
  4. Any band that only plays covers, usually of the same artists. It's weird, in my area (Oregon and Washington -Portland + Seattle), tribute bands are MUCH more popular than bands that play originals..they do a lot more touring. Maybe it's because they are what people are familiar with? I just think it's a ripoff that people with actual talent don't get "well-known" while guys up there imitating Jerry Garcia or Jimmy Page do. As for real successful artists, I think a band stops becoming a band when it only tours and does not put out new albums. The Beach Boys are pretty much the epitome of th
  5. Makes more sense than your boring opinion: "omgeee there is lik no way that led zeppelin evar put out anything that is like not perfects!!11"
  6. When did I EVER say they were Satanists? I said that they UNKNOWINGLY put out a Satanic song.
  7. I was talking about my Lep Zeppelin theory. But yes, I hover between accepting and denying the McCartney theory. On one hand, (the one you probably prefer (to jerk with that is,)to believe) it ruins a "legend". On the other hand, it makes a guy who's work has pretty much been lingering between adequate/listenable to boring to terrible since McCartney a little more interesting and bearable. Plus it makes for great conversation.
  8. Geez..you really like personally attacking people. What reason would I have to no believe Stephen Davis? Oh..I know, it's because YOU don't like what he is saying. I don't take him as "gospel" I was merely using his book as part of evidence to support a theory. And just because something walks and talks like Paul McCartney, doesn't mean it's Paul McCartney. I actually used QUOTES and research to back up my point of view, which is more than you or that Superfly fellow have done.
  9. Sweet! (That you've heard it, not that you can't hear it anymore) Anyway, there is a hilarious bit from a few months ago (maybe 7), where guest Jeff Dowder, drummer of band Dark House talks about how he is a MUCH better drummer than John Bonham. I remember thinking it was brilliant One can record the show nightly..from here: http://dar.fm/ Or...I think the official site has a link where you can listen to the first hour of the previous night's show..or something to that affect.
  10. Thing Stuck Up A Butt - The Lynx-Boys
  11. Hey, McCartney dying at 27 is a very valid, AND interesting theory...and if you think about it... He would have been a member of the 27 Club. Mindfuck.
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