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  1. Besides things like Kashmir and When the Levee Breaks, I was wondering which songs did Bonzo have the most input musically when they were writing/jamming before recording? I don't think I ever knew this.
  2. If anyone missed it you can see it here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/watch-robert-plant-hand-stephen-colbert-a-joint-20141010
  3. Someone already claimed my ticket. Very bummed I can't go to this!!!!
  4. Turns out I may have an extra ticket for this now! Is anyone interested?
  5. What was the longest live performance/jam that Zep did? How about the longest live version of Stairway? bonus question, what was their longest show ever?
  6. I'm thinking about ones that were played 5x or less in concert ...
  7. damn it, that clip is blocked here! is it possible to post it on another site?
  8. oh wow i didn't realize that! Does anyone know if this version is posted online anywhere?
  9. Just saw this one for the first time and thought I'd post for anyone else who hasn't. quite interesting and it has many little clips from throughout the years that I hadn't seen before -
  10. Thanks for posting this, it's always good to get an interview. wish it were longer of course!
  11. Thank you so much TheStairwayRemainsTheSame ! very cool interview... wish they'd talked a bit more about Bonzo though.
  12. Dallas Knebs, thank you so much for posting that. That sounded really cool even though it was a rehearsal. ah what could have been...
  13. It's pretty good if anyone hasn't seen it before - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ogmuAwjNUw
  14. I agree they don't have to have a reason to do anything they do really but since they teased it I was just wondering if they ever talked about it or anything like that. i'd love to hear the rehearsal but don't have that particular boot.
  15. anyone know why they never played the full song live? did they talk about this in an interview?
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