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  1. I'd have to agree and disagree with Strider. For me the Berkeley 1971 version is as good as it gets, and the organ worked better than the mellotron (same with ''Thank You'') While there are some 1971 solos that are hardly inspiring and some of them are of the ''who bets 3 Euros that Jimmy's gonna finish on the next F major chord'' sort, in 1971 and early 1972 every solo was quite unique. In 1972 Jimmy started using his ''templates'', including the riff that wraps up the solo (which I am not a big fan of). 1973 saw further development of templates. In 1975 he used the same standard riffs from 1973, the solos got too long for my taste (frequently Jimmy seemed to kill the time before returning to another stock riff of his). Of course one must take Jimmy's technical decline in consideration. I don't think there are more than 10 solos from 1975 that I really like. Naturally, I agree with everybody that Plant's singing and attitude got worse every year. Studio version is indeed superb, but the coda could have been more powerful (I don't know how). So, my favourites are: Berkeley 1971 Toronto 1971 Tokyo 1971 (23.09) Osaka 1971 (both shows) London 1971 (BBC and Empire Pool) Manchester 1971 LA Forum 1973 (2nd show) Providence 1973 TSRTS Good solos: Seattle 1975 (2nd show) Final night of Earls Court For Badgeholders only And if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the battlefield.
  2. 1971/09/29 I never understood all the fuss about this show. I like it alright and the setlist is better than any other 1971 show (bar Copenhagen) but the performance lacks the raw energy and excitement that other shows from that year have. It seems that only Jimmy is REALLY ON that night. Maybe that's because they were recording.
  3. Ditto. I would never recommend the SBD version of this show to someone who hasn't yet listened to it. Same with Bonzo's Birthday Party.
  4. Try Godfather's ''That's Alright, New York''! It's something more than just a SBD+AUD Matrix.
  5. RnR wasn't played at Montreux 1971.08.07. I agree that in 73 - 75 not only Plant's vocals were lower and poorly sung but they played it too slow. The same with 73' Stairways. 07.17 comes to mind. It's so slow they almost stop.
  6. 6/23 by far. All of them are very energetic but the Badgeholders version is a killer.
  7. Seattle 21-03-1975 and LTTE. The version from MSG 1975-02-12 (''That's Alright New York'' boot) has weak vocals but the sound is HUGE.
  8. To me this is one of the songs that doesn't work without the original high vocals + Plant never bothered to warm up his pipes to sing it properly in 73&75 even in his low range with a few exceptions. So anything like 1972-02-27, 1971-11-24, 1971-05-03 is good.
  9. I've been listening to Mick Wall's ''When Giants walked the Earth'' audiobook lately.This episode is mentioned there and he claims that it wasn't about money. They had just finished their first gig's (Tokyo 1971.09.23) set and were discussing what to do for encores in backstage. Robert said he couldn't do any more due to his voice to which Bonzo (most likely drunk) replied something like: ''You're no good anyway.'' After that it was actually Robert who punched Bonham. Another similar story regarding the 1973 US tour is that there was a time when the two lads from Black Country were not getting along too well. After one Moby Dick Robert came to Bonzo and gave him a banana in a taunting manner. Bonzo's fist just couldn't express the gratitude.
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