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  1. Providence, RI - even Plant acknowledges that in the middle of the show as he is apologizing to the audience for shouting at them.
  2. I'd have to agree and disagree with Strider. For me the Berkeley 1971 version is as good as it gets, and the organ worked better than the mellotron (same with ''Thank You'') While there are some 1971 solos that are hardly inspiring and some of them are of the ''who bets 3 Euros that Jimmy's gonna finish on the next F major chord'' sort, in 1971 and early 1972 every solo was quite unique. In 1972 Jimmy started using his ''templates'', including the riff that wraps up the solo (which I am not a big fan of). 1973 saw further development of templates. In 1975 he used the same standard riffs f
  3. 1971/09/23 Even though Jimmy makes a slight mistake in the middle of the song and they can't stay together during the final ritenuto, it's still my favourite. The last culmination is powerful beyond words.
  4. If you do these, please make the AUD recordings more prominent no matter how average the quality is. The soundboards from that tour are a turn-off. As opposed to this. The AUD part for this potential matrix should be no greater than 15-20% (?). In other words - just to add some natural reverb and vibe without hampering the sound of that excellent SBD. Not as excellent as 1975/02/12 or 1975/02/14 though.
  5. 1971/09/29 I never understood all the fuss about this show. I like it alright and the setlist is better than any other 1971 show (bar Copenhagen) but the performance lacks the raw energy and excitement that other shows from that year have. It seems that only Jimmy is REALLY ON that night. Maybe that's because they were recording.
  6. ? Jolly good list. Couldn't agree more about 1970/09/19, 1972/06/19 and 1975/03/21. Mine would be roughly the same for the period of '68-'75 except that I would take **** from '75 LA and add them to 1971/03/05. 1971-09-03*** 1971-11-24*****
  7. Ditto. I would never recommend the SBD version of this show to someone who hasn't yet listened to it. Same with Bonzo's Birthday Party.
  8. Try Godfather's ''That's Alright, New York''! It's something more than just a SBD+AUD Matrix.
  9. As I said before - the first LA concert was the real starting point. Of course his voice had it's ups and downs even in 69 - 70 but he always seemed to recover.However after 1971.08.21 that was it. In the early days he would have an Over The Top show followed by one or few more reserved nights before pushing again. In LA his performance wasn't that crazy actually. The unpleasant sound of his voice makes it seem so. During the Fall 1970 tour he put up much more stunning performances with no bad consequences The real problem was that it was only the beginning of the tour. Listen to 1971.08.23. P
  10. RnR wasn't played at Montreux 1971.08.07. I agree that in 73 - 75 not only Plant's vocals were lower and poorly sung but they played it too slow. The same with 73' Stairways. 07.17 comes to mind. It's so slow they almost stop.
  11. Don't think for a minute it was age. It was everything. If you listen to boots from 1970 you may notice that on the winter and spring tours he still has that fat powerful 1969 tone but you don't hear him going for high Gs and As too often. After this they took a ~2 month break and the new Percy voice made its debut (first available recording is Bath). The ''Valhalla'' tone if you like. Some people seem to believe he just ''changed'' his style. I can tell you - one does not simply change the tone of his voice just like that. It actually became thinner from all that touring they did and this new
  12. I've been into Zep boots and other stuff for under a year and I only found this gem a few weeks ago. Funny.
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