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  1. scylla

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I think that's the incident in 1973, where it was put about that he'd caught it in a fence at LA airport whilst greeting fans. Although if I remember correctly, Morgana Welch in Hollywood Diaries claims that this was a lie and it actually happened when she and some fellow groupies threw him in the pool on the Riot House roof.
  2. scylla

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    That looks like a painting... isn't it? Do we know who it's by?
  3. He should head for Bishop's Avenue, natural home of those with a hell of a lot of money and no taste at all.
  4. http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/mansion-attacks-how-do-the-superhomes-of-robbie-williams-and-jimmy-page-measure-up-9982472.html So I see - £2000, unbelievable. What seems even more unbelievable is that the Tower House sold for £75,000 in 1970 and then for £350,000 just two years later - is that possible?
  5. It might have been bought by Winner's father, but it was originally commissioned by artist Luke Fildes in the 1870s. It's not as significant as the Tower House (which has one of the most important interiors in London), but it's a historic building which shouldn't be mucked about with any more than it already has been.
  6. scylla

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Is this the poet referenced in today's OTD? Jimmy goes public with his lady friend...sort of, possibly...
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