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  1. I also agree with you about the simpler lifestyle concept. People are quick to say we need to stop using so much fossil fuel, and will point out that they drive a Prius - as they are getting ready to hop a flight to who knows where for a weekend. STAY HOME - STAY THE F*** HOME!

    LMAO, Fossil fuels are used for everything in the world. Making them harder to use or more expensive is just going to hurt the poor even more and help the rich. It's not going to make things used less despite what socialists think. Nowhere in the world has there been any real alternative to fossil fuels in travel. And in America there really is not viable alternative to fossil fuel in energy. Coal is too abundant and is so cheap and uses less land. People won't travel less in America if fossil fuels are more expensive. Hell look at Europe. Gas prices are double and triple that of the US right now there's not less travel going on there.

    Wind farms, Nuclear plants take up so much space they will never become viable in the US. Not until they can create more energy. Energy taxes just end up giving the poor less energy to use in the end. They don't do anything to upper and middle class for the most part. Has anyone in Europe stopped using fossil fuels because of energy tax? Hell no and the continent is still going broke.

    Just like health care in America do you realize that health care will just have less competition and will raise premiums in America? The problem in America is crony capitalism and it's really not even capitalism. Politicans basically pat the companies they want to work on the back and give them money and let them work and they don't care about the companies that are worse off. Why do you think big pharmacy likes the healthcare bill? They get less competition and get to rip off Americans and put whatever price they want to on everything.

  2. I'm almost laughing at Obama. Not just because he's pretty much the political opposite of me. But Obama campaigned on being a better politician and being able to "lower the seas" And over the first 2+ years in office he's been same old politics on steroids. I mean every decision he's made is 100% political.

    And now this happens and the federal government dropped the ball completely. They basically ignored the situation the first few weeks for political reasons. They basically wanted BP to have all the blame here. And even worse than ignoring the situation they didn't even try and help out the coast for any possible leaks that went there. They basically did the same things that Bush was criticized for in Katrina except 100 times slower, and he had all participation from LA from the beginning something Bush didn't have in the Katrina situations.

    Now Obama is trying to put all the blame on BP which they deserve most of it. BP messed up the most on this. Even if it was completely accidental, they've had a series of fuck ups since after the explosion. But I think Obama is shocked that there's really nothing he can do. And you hear him say in one sentence it's all the government's fault then try and go after BP in the next. Then the who's ass the kick comment was so forced. That's not like him. If he was a calming figure from day one on this situation, like he more naturally is, then he doesn't look as bad here. Instead he looked for weeks like he didn't care, and now he's trying to look pissed off.

  3. MMH is a retelling of The Hobbit?? Where are you seeing that? :huh:

    I didn't really believe this still I heard a bootleg where Robert said so. There's a site somewhere that talks about the interpretations somewhere but that's just some guys opinion.

  4. Battle of Evermore has a few. Queen of Light, Ringwraith's and I think Aragon is referenced somewhere. There may be others.

    Ramble On actually quotes pretty much quote parts in the book and mentions Gullom and the evil one(I think that's the spider)

    Robert actually made Misty Mountain Hop a double story about a kid having a bad drug trip and it's a retelling of the Hobbit. I think there's a few solo gigs where he's actually mentioned the LOTR reference here. But usually he says it's about a drug trip. But it's both.

    I believe Over the Hills and Far Away references a song from one of the books. But I don't think that one is really about the Tolkien books per say.

    The only other Zeppelin reference is the song about Robert's dog(Strider) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp.

  5. The MSG shows are nothing compared to the European tour of the same year.

    Disagree only because Robert's voice was better by the end of that year. I think there are a some shows in the US tour that are better than the NYC show.

  6. The song choices for Lee were weak. Doing a weak U2 song for his first single? I don't see that as his style. I think he's more southern rock type genre. Chrystal blew me away with Black Velvet, that might have been her best performance of the year.

  7. Since a person who performed with the band several times through his life is involved and he basically grew up with the band in his early life. I'm sure if any of the band didn't want something like this they would say it and this wouldn't go on. So I'm all for it. And maybe some younger people can learn more about the band.

  8. My opinion on Barack. He's doing more good for rich white people than any president ever. The problem with him is that everyone else should hate him because he's doing more damage for those that are middle or lower wages than anyone else ever also.

  9. Do you guys know of any shows when Page broke a string during their live performances? I know of one, March 14 1969 in Stockholm; are there any others out there? I'll be much obliged.

    March 12th 1975, May 26th 1973, One of the Knebworth shows. I think there was one or two in 77.

  10. That is one of the weakest, most out-of-context snippets of history that's repeatedly overused and misused by everyone from those who seek to portray Southerners as systemically racist, to those who believe the Constitution is an ever-evolving document that is open to constant re-interpretation, instead of a foundation upon which governance should be based.

    It was political maneuvering based on the period, nothing more.

    What most people who so frequently use this "fact" fail to mention, is that it was the North/Union States who proposed slaves (black people) should only be counted as 3/5 of a person, because they sought to limit the South's influence in Government, with Representatives being based on population, and the South having such large amounts of slaves.

    On the one hand, at least they counted them for something, but on the other hand, what was the point?

    Whether they were counted at all, as a fraction, or even as a full person, the slaves had no real representation anyway, so counting them towards population/Representation was purely for the benefit of the states anyway.

    Here is a great video on the 3/5ths thing. It was made basically to get rid of slavery eventually.

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