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  1. Half of PG was already recorded or written previously. They played Bron-Yr-Aur in some 1970 shows. Black Country Woman and Houses of the Holy were also recording in 1972. Didn't they play Black Country Woman in 72?
  2. I bet this soundcheck or part of it is released with either Houses of the Holy or Physical Graffiti re-release. Along with the Chicago 07-06 soundcheck.
  3. I might be able to get it down to about 100 I really like. Don't think I can pick a few above that.
  4. It doesn't matter what you or any of the fans think. The members of the band called it Led Zeppelin and preformed to their best abilities. It was about as awesome a moment and we'll get. Back to the topic. O2 version is up there. Probably my favorite overall considering the circumstances. Vancouver March 19th 1975 is also a favorite of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDpbLdc1U8M
  5. There's probablyi around 50 or more really good ones that just about anyone can listen to. Honestly the list is too long to go through.
  6. 04-28 is really good as far as audiences go. The Detroit shows in both 75 and 77 don't sound that good to me. Most of the SBs in 80 don't really sound right to me. But that could have been the band performance also. 77 OKC is pretty bad even though I like it because it's my hometown. Most of the Chicago shows a few days later were bad. Although the 9th was decent and the 6th was decent in parts. Miami 69 is pretty good for an audience. I don't get that one. Most of the early audiences weren't that bad. Bristol 70 is another good call. Even the new Bath Festival ones which are an improvement over what we had before aren't all that good.
  7. The official releases were far from the best versions of the song. Of the official releases I would take HTWWW. But that's the best performance of those officially released. SIBLY to me is a barometer of Zeppelin's best concerts. If Zeppelin were at their best this song was at it's best. They didn't play it every show of course especially the later years. I think they took it out in some 77 shows and most of 75. But there's still some real solid versions throughout even those years. Here's some of my favorites and if you notice they are also some of the most known Zeppelin shows 08-15-70 Yale 09-02-70 Oakland 09-04-70 The Forum 09-14-71 Berkley 09-23-71 Tokyo 09-29-71 Osaka 02-29-72 Brisbane 06-19-72 Seattle 10-02-72 Tokyo 01-22-73 Southampton 03-16-73 Vienna 05-13-73 Mobile 07-06-73 Chicago 02-14-75 New York 03-27-75 The Forum 06-21-77 The Forum 06-23-77 The Forum There's a few after this time that are okay but that's a good enough list.
  8. Lee won. I guess the body of work later in the season was too big. He came on late in the season.
  9. The song choices for Lee were weak. Doing a weak U2 song for his first single? I don't see that as his style. I think he's more southern rock type genre. Chrystal blew me away with Black Velvet, that might have been her best performance of the year.
  10. Since a person who performed with the band several times through his life is involved and he basically grew up with the band in his early life. I'm sure if any of the band didn't want something like this they would say it and this wouldn't go on. So I'm all for it. And maybe some younger people can learn more about the band.
  11. Christal seems more like poor womans Jewel. Not quite as talented but will be in the same type of music.
  12. Lee and Crystal are by far the best two. Everytime I think Crystal can't get better she does.
  13. I really love country music. I was enamored with it growing up in the 90s and early 2000s but like all music now it seems there's less to like.
  14. Of course it sounds somewhat like Zeppelin Jimmy Page is involved. That's like saying Robert Plant kinda sounds like the guy from those Zeppelin albums, there's a good reason for that. I think there's good and bad in Coverdale Page, I'm not a real big fan of Coverdale he sounds kinda too over the top on things like it's too forced. But at the same time there's some good stuff on it like Shake My Tree which was used in some Page and Plant shows. Pride and Joy is decent. There's also a lot of forgettable stuff.
  15. Balance of Terror has to be my favorite episode. Enterprise vs Romulans episode. The good old days when the Romulans were actually a good enemy.
  16. The next movie won't likely have Khan. That's what the commentary on the film said. But this was also just weeks after the film was released so it's still too soon to tell. I seriously doubt they do a Khan flick in the next one. Probably a Klingon movie or some other alien.
  17. There's added scenes like the ones that are talked about where Nero escapes from the Klingon's and a few others I'm sure. I'm sure there's making of stuff also. There's not even a date for the next movie. If it's out by 2011 they probably need to start filming real soon as in the next few months. Last I heard they haven't really writtin anything for it so my guess is 2012 for the next movie.
  18. Yeah Jimmy you could see a release of something that is multitracked like the 73 Southhampton show for example but you won't ever see Jimmy release something that is even a soundboard recording or a good bootleg like the Japan shows 71 unless he has it multitracked. Jimmy has said in interviews that he has no more Zeppelin stuff that he can release. I'm not sure if that's really true or not, maybe it is for his standards. But at least there's hundreds of bootlegs we can get with just some clicks on the internet. To me that doesn't matter if it's official it's still available.
  19. I doubt it'll ever happen because the government couldn't regulate it. Same reason they don't like online poker. It doesn't matter to me though because I don't smoke anything anyway.
  20. Outside of Joplin of course Ann Wilson and Patsy Cline are my 2 favorite singers of all time
  21. I like the 4-28 aud performance much better than the 27th. The band seemed a little off on the 27th to me.
  22. I think some times it depends on where or how the mics are set up, and how loud the crowds were. And Zeppelin's crowds were probably louder than most.
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