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  1. Just a heads up, but today I finished the book 'Interviews with Jimmy Page - Brad Tolinski'. Really good read folks and can highly recommend. Lived with Zeppelin for 40 odd years now and learnt so much in this book...great stuff. Check it out.
  2. I play golf with a guy who won tickets off the radio back in the day and went to the Perth gig. He swears that the show was broadcast on the radio some time after, but like Reggie, never heard a peep about it.
  3. Deep Purple / Journey - Perth Arena, Western Australia 7th March, 2013 Never seen Journey before, so looking forward to it. Saw KISS / Motley Crue / Thin Lizzy last Thursday...AWESOME night again at the Perth Arena, Western Australia
  4. Yeah, read the mag when it arrived yesterday. Surprised 'Manic Nirvana' or 'Fate of Nations' was not included in the ESSENTIALS or SUPERIOR listings...my personal favorite Plant albums although I still regularly play 'Principle of Moments' and 'Pictures at Eleven'
  5. The Rolling Stones in 1983. Had the offer of a free ticket. Was due on the back shift (3pm-11pm) at the Power Station...do I go to work or call in sick? Being good, the shift got the nod. Now 30 years later I feel like a silly sod...wish I had went!!
  6. Who really cares about 'it has to be pro shot quality or nothing', I am just glad video footage of shows exist be it b/w, colour, pro shot, fan shot, in-house shot, etc. If people have the 'rumored / uncirculating' shows, then at some point they will see the light of day...just have to be patient. I personally enjoy all the circulating shows, and the Page 2003 DVD. I also like the Page & Plant 'No Quarter' DVD...unusual but amazing.
  7. 49...and been into Zeppelin since my babysitter played the first album one night in 1971 when the folks went out. Thanks Carol!!
  8. k5ymo

    New Chris Welch Book

    I got given the 'Treasures' book as a gift from a friend today and love it. The reproduction tickets, posters, etc are nice and this is a good book to own.
  9. Licorice Pizza across from the Tyler Mall in Riverside...WOW, I stayed in Corona for a while in 1979 (2010 Via Del Rio) and used to visit Licorice Pizza all the time. I also remember Musicland in Tyler Mall. Thanks for the post as I have not thought of them days in a long time!! Kenny
  10. 192,000kHz / 24bit , 44,100kHz / 16bit...WOW, big deal!! Give me a 12" lump of plastic and my old stereo any day. Technology, great, but vinyl wins hands down.
  11. CINDERELLA...'Long Cold Winter is still in my top 10 albums of all time.
  12. FATE OF NATIONS (in my opinion) far eclipses the rest of the Plant catalogue. Still on rotation on the car CD stacker for the drive to work. Pictures at Eleven is up there as is Principle of Moments, but for me, FATE OF NATIONS has the vote. **On another note, Black Country Communion I & II are on present car CD rotation...great rockin albums for this decade.**
  13. G'day As far as I know (and I play golf with a guy who won tickets for the show at Subiaco Oval) it was promoted by FM radio and Channel 7 TV, and professionally recorded to be aired on the radio. No one I know in Perth can recall it ever being aired, but Australia in the 70's were strict on non-Australian music on the radio (apparently) so AM & FM consisted mostly of home grown talent. This statement comes from a mate who grew up here. Perhaps some Aussie forum members can elaborate further on Australia back then. Back to the Perth Show, I reckon the soundboard exists, and would lo
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