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  1. It's never over, Billy. I am eternal. And I am legion.
  2. Billy, Billy Oh Billy MacQ, you're such a sad sack Billy, Billy Oh Billy MacQ, have you been smokin' crack? (With apologies to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)
  3. Why? What's Ozzy done this time?
  4. Apocalypse Now Withnail and I Spinal Tap Death in Venice Wolf Creek
  5. Ah. So by saying nay to Plant's recent stuff, I'm now revealing myself as not understanding Zep and not really knowing what the band was about. That's rather a quantum leap, Mr MacQ. But if it makes you happy, carry on throwing the rocks. And I'll lob them right back at you. 'Revert back' is a tautology, by the way. 'Revert' alone will suffice.
  6. Deborah J, I wouldn't say that's off-topic at all. And if it is, so what? At least you're not calling anyone a 'hater'. My tastes are eclectic too, though I always come home to Classic Rock. With you on rap - what's THAT all about, eh? And yes, Raising Sand sounded LOVELY, and so will Band of Joy. But that's NOT WHAT I WANT from the world's GREATEST EVER ROCK SINGER!!!!! If I want 'lovely', I'll listen to Neil Young or Jeff Buckley or some such.
  7. Unfortunate choice of words there, Oracle Anyway, I don't think you can attribute this accident to the nature or era of the fans involved. This kind of shit happens most years at the Mecca Hajj, I believe. And you can hardly accuse those dudes of being shaven-headed fascists. Hell, they don't even shave their beards.
  8. Kiwi, that's just Electro's shtick. Take another look at any of her posts, and remove all the piss & vinegar. What do you have left?
  9. ^ HELL YEAH! Mrs Zombie! She sure could 'raise the dead'!
  10. Never mind the good ones - what about the stinkers? I'm thinking sound-quality here principally, even if it was a good performance. For example, I just heard Bristol 8.1.70. Going on the crowd reaction, it sounds like it was a riotous show, but I couldn't really tell. I've heard tons of underwater Zep recordings in my time, but with this one I couldn't even make out some of the tempo changes
  11. ^ Is that photo of Megan Fox real? Or have they doctored her ninnies?
  12. Oracle, you've hit the nail on the head again! I'm sure your thumb will join me in thanking you for that. I find it upsetting and offensive to be labelled a hater merely for going against the flow in a measured and non-confrontational manner, and I think it's somewhat rich for Knebby to refer to me as a 'hater' just for going off-message here. I mean, just take a look at her avatar and signature, FFS! But I won't take it personally, because I've seen how she speaks to other posters. I've been a Zep fan for a very long time, longer than her I'd guess, and enjoyed all Plant's post-Zep wor
  13. I Am The Fly


    Manchester? Manchester WHO, Silvermedalist? There are TWO Manchester teams. And they both SUCK.
  14. Bang on the money there, Oracle. I wonder how much other bluegrass and acapella gospel some of these posters have in their collections.
  15. Knebby, I used the word 'merely' in a comparative sense, i.e. relative to the importance of The Fans and the respect they too deserve. Without The Fans' approval, it wouldn't have mattered how much Ahmet contributed to Zep's career, or to the music industry in general. And what do you mean by 'Who were you last time?' WTF - do you mean In a past-life regression therapy 'I was once a fluffer in the Court of King Caractacus' sense? I don't buy all that horse-shit, sorry. It's all new-age nonsense, if you ask me.
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