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  1. Apocalypse Now Withnail and I Spinal Tap Death in Venice Wolf Creek
  2. ^ HELL YEAH! Mrs Zombie! She sure could 'raise the dead'!
  3. Never mind the good ones - what about the stinkers? I'm thinking sound-quality here principally, even if it was a good performance. For example, I just heard Bristol 8.1.70. Going on the crowd reaction, it sounds like it was a riotous show, but I couldn't really tell. I've heard tons of underwater Zep recordings in my time, but with this one I couldn't even make out some of the tempo changes
  4. ^ Is that photo of Megan Fox real? Or have they doctored her ninnies?
  5. Hey dazedcat Your comment about ITTOD has made me feel like Bee-Girl in that Blind Melon video, No Rain, after she finds her fellow Bee-People. I've been flamed mercilessly on other sites for panning ITTOD. Seems there's a significant faction of perma-genuflecting LZ fans who will not countenance any criticism of this clunker of an album. But when ITTOD came out, it was the biggest disappointment in my life so far, bar none. Can't agree entirely with you, however. IMO, I'm Gonna Crawl is ruined by the completely unnnecessary and incongruous 'Christopher Robin' keyboard overlay. Evening's ok, but over the years my least dreadful track has become Saurez. To me, that's the only trad Zep song on there. Plus Crawl of course, if it didn't have that hideous sugary wash over the top. Is there a 'ITTOD - WTF?' kind of thread anywhere? Or has it been zapped by the Gagging Police?
  6. No mystery as I see it. Bonzo wasn't a chick, so he was allowed to wear the same clothes more than once.
  7. Mojo seems to have re-upped its game over recent issues. It went through a phase of courting the yoof populist market, with major features on transient waifs & strays like Kings of Leon and the Arctic Monkeys. Thankfully, those days appear to be over - for now. Having said that, it's a few months since Franz Ferdinand released an album. So maybe I'm speaking too soon. We shall see.
  8. I agree, it looks much earlier than 76.
  9. I taught my mum how to use our washing machine when I was 10. And, bless her, she's been washing my clothes ever since.
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