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  1. I see young JRR Tolkien behind JP, between Elvis and Lori Maddox.
  2. You're right Percy Girl, I really have to improve my english
  3. So amazing, so much fun ... what would I give to have been there !
  4. I see what you see :-) You're welcome ! Happy to have helped
  5. Hi Lif, I go to More Reply Options and then at the bottom, you have Attach Files to upload from your computer. If it can help.
  6. I was joking of course and well we didn't produce Led Zep !
  7. May I add that we, French people, have always said that "We do it better". It can be sex, cooking, fashion and alot of others things !!! :-) Have à good day.
  8. Need a bit of Robert today ...
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