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  1. I like that swarm of files on both sides of your desktop
  2. Seirios is a greek word that means 'glowing' or 'blazing'. Quite appropriately it is also the name of the Dog Star, the brightest of them all. It reminds me of someone very dear to my heart who is quite far away (now).
  3. It would be hard for me to pick just one. There are actually 4 songs I would put on the same place: Black Dog, The Battle of Evermore, Going to California and When The Levee Breaks. I think it's really not Stairway that makes this album great, but the fact that there are so many great songs on it.
  4. I finally got a copy of BBC's Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth, featuring James McAvoy. He's such a brilliant actor and this is a really ass-kicking adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, set in a kitchen
  5. THE JACARANDA TREE by Herbert Ernest Bates (finished recently) CHILDREN OF DUNE by Frank Herbert (still reading) INSIDE THE SERAGLIO: Private Lives of the Sultans in Istanbul by John Freely (sneak preview, greedy how I am)
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