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  1. seirios

    Led Zeppelin Cafe in İstanbul

    Actually it's been a long-time wish of mine to go to Istanbul, so there's one more reason now...
  2. seirios

    TSRTS Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

    Well anyways, now that Toshiba has officially admitted defeat, BluRay will remain the only format they will release it, for sure.
  3. seirios

    The Ask and Answer Thread

    A: Apparently it's Andy Warhol, but I'm far from being familiar with the references of Dylan's lyrics (or his music whatsoever)... Q: Which is more stimulating: a cup of green tea or an Italian espresso?
  4. seirios

    Post Your Current Desktop!

    I like that swarm of files on both sides of your desktop
  5. seirios

    Whats the Weather like in your part of the world ?

    It's scaaary... High winds and all that. Objects are flying in the air and there's this continuous wheezing sound.
  6. seirios

    What are you listening too

    To the wind (of change ) playing on the roof tiles. It's quite freaky though, as its speed is well above 100 km/h so say the weathermen...
  7. seirios

    Your Username...why'd you choose it?

    Seirios is a greek word that means 'glowing' or 'blazing'. Quite appropriately it is also the name of the Dog Star, the brightest of them all. It reminds me of someone very dear to my heart who is quite far away (now).
  8. seirios

    Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth

    Oh, come now will you?! We've got enough trouble down here, and definitely don't need any more threats coming from up above. But this satellite story is really weird... I mean, imagine a perfectly quiet morning at a roadside coffee shop with some old faces who couldn't care less about what's going on around them, sitting there sipping their coffees or whatever... and then suddenly: dash! 20k pounds of cosmic wreckage lands in front of them. What a day.
  9. seirios

    Hollywood Stories

    Sad story... I mean not only his death but his life as a whole. Too many sad stories lately. Still shocked at Heath Ledger's sudden death. He was younger than me.
  10. seirios

    The Ask and Answer Thread

    Yeah, a South Corean crap that won't charge. I've been using it for about one and a half years... Which movie should win the Oscar this year?
  11. seirios

    Watch Led Zeppelin Live on their Reunion Night

    The point is to make profit, obviously... I wouldn't mind listening to my LZ DVD in a cinema room with 5.1 sound and good acoustics though...
  12. That almost brought tears in my eyes when I realised it was Bonzo... Eternal respect
  13. THE ROVER - I know of an interview with Plant in which he is sort of regretful that they never got to play this song live. I think it's one of their essential songs, so I wonder why they didn't try it. HEARTBREAKER - it's got one of them ass-kicking riffs! WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS - that one, dedicated to the memory of good ol' John ACHILLES' LAST STAND - it's perhaps the greatest song from the latter days BRON-YR-AUR STOMP - I would have certainly used this one as an encore! Dedicated to the memory of Stryder...
  14. seirios

    Person Above You Thread

    ^ has got performance issues < is yearning for some tasty bit
  15. seirios

    Robert's attitude

    I guess my popularity index suffered a fall amongst a few board members... No, it was actually something else he kicked off the stage during Kashmir - you didn't read my post carefully. As for the mic - I didn't say he was tossing it agressively, but it's certainly something he never did during the Zep-era, as far as video coverage can proove it.