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  1. 1st of the Earls Court shows 45 years ago tonight.....
  2. Did old lead wallet not swap the cones out from some demo Marshalls he was trying? Or is that just book bullshit?
  3. First show at Knebworth. 39 years ago today! Cheers
  4. No way they lose out financially from releasing those numbers. We`d all jump on it and they would all make money....... Also, i hear what you say about Old Led Wallet but I see no benefit in insulting the man. Lets face it, there`s all sorts ripping everyone off nowadays. At least our Jimmy brought some delight to our ears. And a legacy that survives to this day 50 years on. Not picking a fight. Just my tuppence worth as a fan Peace out
  5. Robert has always knocked the Rock n Roll songs out of the park though hasn't he? I just can't see why you would keep that material locked down whilst endlessly reissuing reissues. Unless of course it's as an above poster has stated, and the stuff is either already out there in various forms or it simply doesn't exist Cheers
  6. Hey guys, The above is from the wiki of HOTH. A release of this for me would be fabulous! Don`t we all love the 50`s rock medley`s dropped in here and there? Does anyone think there`s the slightest chance of this ever happening? First post, good to be here ☺️
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