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  1. Money is a bit short but I plan to get my favorite Zeps in the two CD deluxe cases. 3 is very high on that list along with the next 4 hehe. The downloads were ummm.... yeah. These recordings are amazing though. Loving them. Cannot wait for Presence and Graffiti! Honestly, I was hoping for a 12 CD box like The Doors where they have DVDA and the CDs or in reality all I wanted was a discography of DVDAs for Zep. They don't seem to be able to do any of that without massively ripping people off. We all know ONE friggin' Bluray could fit all their albums in 5.1 AND stereo hi-res. So I can't be bothered except to get a couple of these where I like the cover art and songs within more than the rest.
  2. Album is DR10 for dynamic range. Great job so far. Mix of mostly DR9 and DR10 values, right around where you would expect for this music handled with care. Damn, there is a whole depth level of bass revealed on these recordings for sure. I like it a lot better overall. The last boxset wasn't what I would call horrible but it doesn't hold a candle to these. On tracks like Celebration Day a faint but very prolific smear has been erased replaced by a palpable sense of being there. I really really like these remasters, just like I liked the remixed Doors ones. It's like clearing away a layer of grime. It won't be totally apparent to people not interested in audio, but it's definitely something you can't ignore when shown the differences back to back. Subtle yet revealing changes make these 24/96 tracks definitive in every sense. Revealing all that bass and separation is what puts it over the top. Again, I didn't even hate the last boxset, it just lost that power that original recordings possess. Gallows pole sees the guitar get a decent dose of new detail. It's too hard not to appreciate all that a proper 2014 release can do to these old recordings. I am sure this is only amplified if you have some kind of nice home setup. I'm listening on some nice beyerdynamics with a Denon 2112CI and the differences are very apparent between the early 90s set and this one at 24/96.
  3. Wow, going to listen to the 24/96 of III here real soon in some nice headphones. Will get back on details.
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