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  1. They say that everyone is a photographer these days, sometimes it’s hard to tell professional from amateur. There used to be a huge difference in quality between photographs taken with professional gear and something that everyday-joe could afford. But now people don’t even have to go to photographer to take picture for id or passport, there are tutorials and most printers can print photographs too. Friends can serve as photographers at weddings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to push the button. The hardest part is the lightning but it’s not as people spend years learning how to set photo
  2. It was Cherie, Kim thought that their "affair" would be good for her career or something like that. Talking about rape is one of the worst things that woman can experience, many people try to tell you that it was your fault or you secretly wanted this or you weren't screaming loud enough and million other excuses. As if what happened to you wasn't terrible enough you have to fight for your dignity while they try to defend rapist. In 2013 woman was raped twice by two paramedics while she suffered seizure. Her supervisor told her that "things like that happens, it's better to forget" and "re
  3. In November 2009 Ross Halfin published on his site: (and deleted the same day) "I was also told by an Editor that Them Crooked Vultures will not shoot with me. 'Why?' Apparently because John Paul Jones has a problem with me because of (and I quote) 'being Jimmy's photographer and friend'. How pathetic..." Halfin is a hack (in my opinion) so I understand why John didn't want to work with him but he gave an explanation that it's more because of his friendship with Jimmy so... JPJ is the mysterious one. The more I read about him the less I understand. Zeppelin-esque Opera would be the
  4. Jimmy Page put together those remasters. He have all the knowledge. What could Robert or JPJ say about them other than what they already said?Do you want to hear the story about how ALS was made for the 1000th time? Would RP/JPJ be able to answer questions about how Jimmy did what he did? They were not there with Page so I doubt it. Jimmy Page is capable of doing interviews on his own. Robert did an interview when III was re-issued in case you missed it. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/may/26/jimmy-page-robert-plant-how-we-made-led-zeppelin-iii The whole 'Plant tries to distance hims
  5. Powell: I got a phone call from Jimmy Page, asking if Hipgnosis was interested in designing a cover for Houses of The Holy I agreed, and asked to hear the music and see the lyrics. He said, "No, just turn up in a few weeks with some ideas." 'The Dark Side of the Moon' sold 65 million copies. A billion people have probably seen that image. When we showed up, Storm and I basically just had a sketch on a napkin. That’s how we did things in those days. Not very high-tech. The sketch was from an idea that came from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s novel At Childhood’s End. At the end
  6. The Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters concert scheduled for Sunday, June 7th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre is being postponed due to illness. Tickets will be honoured for the new date of Tuesday, September 15, 2015. "I woke up this morning and found that I had more of a similarity with a crooning Kermit than my normal Golden self, so heaps of apologies. It’s not my idea of fun to miss a gig.” - Robert Plant http://www.robertplant.com/#news/toronto-june-7-show-postponed
  7. New interview (sorry if it was posted before) Robert talks about his parents, grandfather, grandchildren, blues, collaborating with different people, new lp and more http://www.kcrw.com/music/shows/morning-becomes-eclectic/robert-plant-2015-06-02?utm_content=15885234&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  8. Sometimes it's hard to read iorr message board, being a LZ fan without getting a little bit angry but it was discussed in the other thread.
  9. In the Evening, Carouselambra, I'm Gonna Crawl, Fool in the Rain and Hot Dog that makes 5 out of 7 songs. It doesn't equal 10% to me. I've read When Giants Walked the Earth, and many other books and interviews. The album is driven by keyboards = JPJ, vocals doesn't stand out like on sme previous records. Why 'Robert's solo album' and not John Paul Jones's? He was more responsible for ITTOD sound than Plant. (I still won't say this was someone's solo album). Jimmy and Bonzo were in studio 'In the Evening'. Even if you think that production wasn't top notch it was part of Jimmy's contribution
  10. I don't get 'Robert Plant solo record'. He have done what he was supposed to do, wrote lyrics, like on LZ II, III,IV,HOTH,PG and Presence, does this make those record his solo? I don't think so. Robert wasn't writing music nor dictating musical direction of the band. Jimmy Page played and produced this record, have he played on and produced any RP solo record (except couple of tracks on N&Z)? Did Bonzo play drums on any RP solo record? Did JPJ wrote any songs for RP? It wasn't solo record, it was bands effort, some members might have had smaller influence than others but still, if they di
  11. wow, I've never seen/heard it... and I thought that Kashmir was bad. They must have rehearsed this before show, just... nobody will persuade me this sounds good. I don't think that remastered C/P will come in near future (depending on definition of 'near'). Whitesnake just done Purple Album so David will probably promote this and tour until december and then they plan new all original album in 2016 followed by tour so maybe after that? Releasing new album along with re-releasing C/P could steal attention from the newer one.
  12. It's one side of the story, John's side: "Me and David, we wrote the songs between us, We went to France, wrote the songs, then took the whole thing over to Los Angeles, which is where we found Aynsley Dunbar, the drummer. We started recording up in Vancouver with Mike Stone at Little Mountain Studios, and as the closing part of the drum stuff was getting finished, Aynsley comes to me and says he's been fired. I thought that was kind of strange, because David hadn't really talked to any of the band members about it. We couldn't really figure it out. So Neil Murray, the bassist finished up hi
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