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  1. They say that everyone is a photographer these days, sometimes it’s hard to tell professional from amateur. There used to be a huge difference in quality between photographs taken with professional gear and something that everyday-joe could afford. But now people don’t even have to go to photographer to take picture for id or passport, there are tutorials and most printers can print photographs too. Friends can serve as photographers at weddings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to push the button. The hardest part is the lightning but it’s not as people spend years learning how to set photographic umbrellas. Photoshop helps too. If people had a choice 95% would like to be a photographer. You get to go to exotic locations or interesting events, meet famous people. You can document history. If you are any good people compliment you constantly. But hardly ever you become rich or/and famous. Lots and lots of celebrities offsprings become photographers or models or fashion-bloggers... Are they all super-duper talented? Hell no. That’s why people are skeptical. Scarlet sells prints for 50£-300£ but are people buying them? Big names make a big money but what about the rest? I don’t think that Scarlet is really well-known outside rock photographers realm. I’m not sure how she compares to other: I don’t photograph but I studied cameras from technical point of view. These gentleman below (Brandel) constructed hot air balloon and his own camera to photograph city panorama in 1865. Terry Richardson is a famous star photographer but I fail to see these exceptional qualities that these stars apparently see : Nobody knows for sure what Scarlet’s material situation is except for her. Nobody is obliged to donate money. She is not giving an impression that this is for charity. I guess some people want their names to be in this book and like Scarlet previous works enough to donate 20 000£. My first thought when I saw this was ‘really?’ and I understand people who feel disappointed because it’s not logical to give money to someone who has enough already (maybe donate to sb who needs them more). It is on Scarlet and her conscience. I’m not getting hurt in any way so I won’t judge.
  2. It was Cherie, Kim thought that their "affair" would be good for her career or something like that. Talking about rape is one of the worst things that woman can experience, many people try to tell you that it was your fault or you secretly wanted this or you weren't screaming loud enough and million other excuses. As if what happened to you wasn't terrible enough you have to fight for your dignity while they try to defend rapist. In 2013 woman was raped twice by two paramedics while she suffered seizure. Her supervisor told her that "things like that happens, it's better to forget" and "remember that you have no witnesses", "don't feel pity for yourself". When she went to police she was told that if she was really being raped she would scream louder and attack rapist( even though they knew that she suffered epileptic seizure). When she went to hospital after 2 days, she was still bleeding. They found his DNA on her. None of the rapists went to jail, both of them got probation because "they didn't have problems with law before". It was only two years ago in Europe. How would Jackie benefit from telling she was raped now? Joan has much more to loose but Jackie clearly understands thet what is really important is to talk about Kim, not Joan or Cherie. Everybody seems to focus on witnesses and not the rapist.
  3. In November 2009 Ross Halfin published on his site: (and deleted the same day) "I was also told by an Editor that Them Crooked Vultures will not shoot with me. 'Why?' Apparently because John Paul Jones has a problem with me because of (and I quote) 'being Jimmy's photographer and friend'. How pathetic..." Halfin is a hack (in my opinion) so I understand why John didn't want to work with him but he gave an explanation that it's more because of his friendship with Jimmy so... JPJ is the mysterious one. The more I read about him the less I understand. Zeppelin-esque Opera would be the end of the world
  4. Jimmy Page put together those remasters. He have all the knowledge. What could Robert or JPJ say about them other than what they already said?Do you want to hear the story about how ALS was made for the 1000th time? Would RP/JPJ be able to answer questions about how Jimmy did what he did? They were not there with Page so I doubt it. Jimmy Page is capable of doing interviews on his own. Robert did an interview when III was re-issued in case you missed it. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/may/26/jimmy-page-robert-plant-how-we-made-led-zeppelin-iii The whole 'Plant tries to distance himself from LZ as much as possibe'... You must be reading what you want to read and hearing what you want to hear. When he is asked about LZ (other than reunion) he never avoids answering, he is talking in details and honestly. He performed more LZ songs than JP and JPJ put together. He searched for material for those remaster (lala and songs with JPJ singing) Why is nobody saying that JPJ is distancing himself from LZ? He is writing an opera, toured with Supersilent (no LZ songs) he didn't cover any LZ songs with TCV either (even though Dave Grohl would probably love that). JPJ was even physically distancing himself from LZ in the 70s. (For the record I'm not saying he is now.) It's frustrating when most people agree that they made the right choice in 1980 and then bad-mouth Plant for sticking to that choice or when Jimmy Page is asked whether there could be LZ without John Bonham and he says it would be impossible, that he would like the other band members to do the same if he died, that LZ was an affair of the heart but at the same time says it's Plant's fault that there was no reunion. It's hypocrisy. In that interview with Jason, the question was whether JPJ is a lovely man. Jason didn't confirm, he seemed uncomfortable for a second and then said about how great musician JPJ was but not how lovely man he was. He instead recalled the situation from o2 rehersals. It's not JP and JPJ vs RP. It's just three adult men with different visions of how they want to spend the rest of THEIR lives. One press conference or radio show with all three members would probably generate a lot of unnecessary gossips and click-bait headlines. Nothing more.
  5. Powell: I got a phone call from Jimmy Page, asking if Hipgnosis was interested in designing a cover for Houses of The Holy I agreed, and asked to hear the music and see the lyrics. He said, "No, just turn up in a few weeks with some ideas." 'The Dark Side of the Moon' sold 65 million copies. A billion people have probably seen that image. When we showed up, Storm and I basically just had a sketch on a napkin. That’s how we did things in those days. Not very high-tech. The sketch was from an idea that came from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s novel At Childhood’s End. At the end of the book, all the kids in the world go up into space in an enormous column of gold fire. I drew that on a napkin and Jimmy Page loved the idea. Then Robert Plant suggested we find some "interesting rocks," and I said, "How about we go to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland?" They gave us carte blanche to shoot there for as long as we wanted, even though it would be expensive. At that time, bands had all the creative power—more power than record companies. We went with a family—three adults, two kids, up on the rocks—and it poured rain for five days. It was absolutely miserable. I needed to make this cover extraordinary, but there was no chance of sunshine. The photos we took were in black and white, in the pouring rain. Each album cover had a totally unique design process. Finally, I decided to cut each individual child out from the various black and white photographs and created a montage. I hand-tinted it in bright orange and gold and red, rich colors, with 11 gorgeous children running up these octagonal rocks. The image is completely made up. That’s the cover you buy in record stores. I put the original black-and-white photos in this book because no one's ever seen them before. I’ll always remember when I showed the final cover to Jimmy Page in the parking lot of a train station in England as he was returning home from tour. I opened up the car trunk, and there was the artwork. He said, "That looks incredible—that thing will gather a crowd." Within 10 minutes, 200 people were gathered round, looking in the car trunk and at Jimmy Page, dressed in all his finery with long hair and a lot of jewelry.
  6. The Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters concert scheduled for Sunday, June 7th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre is being postponed due to illness. Tickets will be honoured for the new date of Tuesday, September 15, 2015. "I woke up this morning and found that I had more of a similarity with a crooning Kermit than my normal Golden self, so heaps of apologies. It’s not my idea of fun to miss a gig.” - Robert Plant http://www.robertplant.com/#news/toronto-june-7-show-postponed
  7. New interview (sorry if it was posted before) Robert talks about his parents, grandfather, grandchildren, blues, collaborating with different people, new lp and more http://www.kcrw.com/music/shows/morning-becomes-eclectic/robert-plant-2015-06-02?utm_content=15885234&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  8. Sometimes it's hard to read iorr message board, being a LZ fan without getting a little bit angry but it was discussed in the other thread.
  9. In the Evening, Carouselambra, I'm Gonna Crawl, Fool in the Rain and Hot Dog that makes 5 out of 7 songs. It doesn't equal 10% to me. I've read When Giants Walked the Earth, and many other books and interviews. The album is driven by keyboards = JPJ, vocals doesn't stand out like on sme previous records. Why 'Robert's solo album' and not John Paul Jones's? He was more responsible for ITTOD sound than Plant. (I still won't say this was someone's solo album). Jimmy and Bonzo were in studio 'In the Evening'. Even if you think that production wasn't top notch it was part of Jimmy's contribution to this album.
  10. I don't get 'Robert Plant solo record'. He have done what he was supposed to do, wrote lyrics, like on LZ II, III,IV,HOTH,PG and Presence, does this make those record his solo? I don't think so. Robert wasn't writing music nor dictating musical direction of the band. Jimmy Page played and produced this record, have he played on and produced any RP solo record (except couple of tracks on N&Z)? Did Bonzo play drums on any RP solo record? Did JPJ wrote any songs for RP? It wasn't solo record, it was bands effort, some members might have had smaller influence than others but still, if they didn't like the songs, they wouldn't put them out.
  11. wow, I've never seen/heard it... and I thought that Kashmir was bad. They must have rehearsed this before show, just... nobody will persuade me this sounds good. I don't think that remastered C/P will come in near future (depending on definition of 'near'). Whitesnake just done Purple Album so David will probably promote this and tour until december and then they plan new all original album in 2016 followed by tour so maybe after that? Releasing new album along with re-releasing C/P could steal attention from the newer one.
  12. It's one side of the story, John's side: "Me and David, we wrote the songs between us, We went to France, wrote the songs, then took the whole thing over to Los Angeles, which is where we found Aynsley Dunbar, the drummer. We started recording up in Vancouver with Mike Stone at Little Mountain Studios, and as the closing part of the drum stuff was getting finished, Aynsley comes to me and says he's been fired. I thought that was kind of strange, because David hadn't really talked to any of the band members about it. We couldn't really figure it out. So Neil Murray, the bassist finished up his parts, and he got fired. This is over a period of months. And then, I was just wrapping up guitars, Mike Stone phoned up his office and he found out that he'd been fired." Sykes, needless to say, freaked. Fearing that he was on the losing end of a game of musical chairs, he tried calling Coverdale, who was in Los Angeles. But the singer neither answered the phone nor returned calls. Desperate, Sykes called John Kalodner, the Geffen Records executive in charge of the project. "I'd realized that everybody who's finished up their job is history, so I said to John: 'Look, I'm kind of wondering what's going on. I can't get ahold of David, and I'm starting to wonder if I've been fired.' And he said, 'Well, it's kind of looking that way.' My option was to quit right then and not finish the guitars, but obviously that would mean he'd get someone else in to do guitars - and I didn't want that to happen, seeing as I'd written most of it with him. So I finished up the guitar leads". Sykes found out where Coverdale was mixing the album and flew out for a final confrontation. "I went into the studio and caught him, and it got into a little bit of a shouting match, one thing led to another, and he wound up locking himself in his car, shrugging his hands like 'It wasn't my choice.' Then he just drove off." And from different interview: Whitesnake. Can I swear in front of you John?…..David Coverdale. Oh yeah. I don't think anything which way on it. (laughs) That's so old, almost like a lifetime ago. 1987 is such a phenomenal album. Well, its funny people still till this day come up to me and ask me when I'm going to get back with Whitesnake. When are we going to see you and David together? I have. Although we did some great work together and everything else he kinda has to get off his high horse a bit if we are ever going to work together again. There are two things that I have read in interview that David has said I'll run past you to see what you think. The first was 'You and him recreated rock history inside 5 day when you wrote this album, recreated the hard rock sound." I think it might have been longer that 5 days but I think he might be right. You know when that album came out I think it definitely made a few people sit up and listen. But the thing is I just can't understand why he killed it so quickly. I think one of the reasons people sort of got disappointed by the Whitesanke band, is that 9 times out of 10 when people buy a record they want to see the people that played on the product perform the product. Not David Coverdale the voice and then a backing band form the local bar or pub. They want to see the real deal. He sort of robbed people of that opportunity and I think it's a real shame. There was such a great line up on there. I think it was very short sighted of him to do that, although he probably made a killing to start with. In the long run I think it's probably hurt the whole thing. Who or what got in his ear and convinced him that he needed a new band? I can't really say cause I don't really know. I mean if it had been just one person, fired me or just one of the band member's cause they'd had a little tiff or tizzy or something you could understand it. But he fired everybody. The drummer, bass, me, the producer. It was like he was just cleaning shop and the only reason I could imagine that would be for is so he could have a lot more control of things, certainly in the financial department. I mean the record that followed that he even stiffed his guitarist Vandenberg to bring in Steve Vai. Well the thing is if he needs a blues based guitar player - he's not a blues player. The record was ok but it didn't suit the whole feel of his voice at all. It was almost like it wasn't believable anymore. It was like these semi rock/pop songs. There wasn't really a whole lot of depth to it I felt. I don't think any of his records match that sound, because of the guitar sound, the rhythm section. Well actually David's just used my bass player on his record, Marco Mendoza. I was going to ask you about that. Did you feel betrayed by Marco? Well I wasn't too pleased about it and I did give him a good chewing up about it. I know Marco has to make a living. He said to me it was basically just a cheque to him, which is fair enough. It's just a session to me. Initially I felt a bit betrayed by him but after talking to him he has assured me it was only money to him. I've got to be a big enough man to take it and get on with things. The other thing that Coverdale said and for me this just sums him up. ' You and Robert Plant should go off and form a band called the Anti Christ's.' Me and Robert Plant?!! The Anti Christ's?! Hahahaha!! Him and Plant aren't real good buddies. Dearie me, he's still all upset. This is about 5 years ago. I did talk to Robert once. Later I got a call from one of his personal assistants to go check out his show. I went down and met with him briefly but nothing ever came of it. That makes me laugh. Anti Christ's, not a bad idea. David may have felt a bit threatened by Robert, with all his years in the business. With me, I pretty much say what's on my mind. Especially when it comes to creative things. Sometimes it like you just say your thing, not a big deal. But if somebody constantly want you to kiss their arse and you don't do that. It becomes something some people can' t handle too much. I'm just not an arse kisser.
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