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  1. I saw one today for Huddersfield Town FC.
  2. Well we do have plenty of bumper stickers and slogans here...I just wasn't aware that "....DO IT BETTER" was a thing. Maybe it was just a 70s thing. Anyway, I'll have to look out for one to add to my collection!
  3. Wow OK, thanks guys. I've had so many recommendations I feel like I should just read all the books, haha, which I'm sure I will do at some point.
  4. Cool. Why is it considered controversial?
  5. LOL, like the Keep Calm fad today. I honestly have no idea...
  6. Ah, well, it's nothing major, I just noticed a spelling mistake in one of my posts and it annoyed me.
  7. This is true, and a very good point...it's a matter of personal taste. But people should be able to verbalise the difference between not liking and not appreciating. Going with your Eric Clapton example: Version 1: "I don't like Eric Clapton, he's shit" Version 2: "I don't like Eric Claption. I mean, he's a great guitarist and songwriter, just not really my type of thing" Even though both versions might ultimately mean the same thing, there's a right way and a wrong way to put it. And you should be able to appreciate the talents and musicianship of bands and artists even if y
  8. Ahh OK. Yeah, I see it on this post but not on one of my others. Maybe that's why.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good book for a beginner Zep fan? I've not read any of them yet. Thanks!
  10. Not sure where to post this but just wondering how I can edit my own posts...like, if I notice a spelling mistake or something? Thanks
  11. Have Led Zeppelin changed your life for the better? If so, how and why and when? Share the details and share your story! For me, they single handedly got me back into music again and gave me the desire to play music once more after taking a two year break from the music scene altogether. I literally, cannot thank them enough for that, but there was just something about their music....when I heard it...it made me want to start playing again...I'm so grateful What's your story? What have Led Zeppelin done for you? How have they improved your life?
  12. OK, the jam night went exceptionally well....like, to the point where I couldn't believe how well it had gone. I was so nervous and really shitting it, but when I got up there on stage it was like the spirit of Robert Plant just took me over or something, hahaha, lol. I amazingly managed to sing the songs in the correct key, hit all the correct notes (even the ridiculously high pitched ones), remember all my words, and still dance and rock about the stage. It's convinced me that I probably could be a lead singer if I put my mind to it, when previously I've only ever been the bass player, guita
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