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  1. I saw one today for Huddersfield Town FC.
  2. Well we do have plenty of bumper stickers and slogans here...I just wasn't aware that "....DO IT BETTER" was a thing. Maybe it was just a 70s thing. Anyway, I'll have to look out for one to add to my collection!
  3. LOL, like the Keep Calm fad today. I honestly have no idea...
  4. Having been a massive Who fan when I was younger and now a massive Zep fan, I'm in quite a good place to be able to analyse the two. I think Zep are much better musicians, generally. Their songs are a hell of a lot more complex and intricate and well written. The Who are more rough and ready, which was always their style I guess. They both kick ass live. I think something like Who's Next is most similar to some of Zeppelin's work....that was a pretty well written album. Also, the intro of Song Remains The Same really reminds me of something Who-esque. Similarities: Blonde curly haired singer who can rock out...wild drummer who knows how to pound the skins....intricate, excellent bass player holding the band together. I'm not even gonna go down the road of comparing Townshend to Page because they're not even in the same league. (As in, JP is a million times better). Also, a lot of people compare Bonzo and Moon...whilst I think they're both very excellent and unique drummers, I've got to say that Bonzo does cut it slightly higher for me, simply because he can do everything that Moon can on only one bass drum and three toms...whereas Moon had double bass drums and a shit load of toms. So, to me that means he's a better drummer. It's more impressive.
  5. I was driving in my car the other day playing LZ II really rather loudly with the windows rolled down because it was warm and sunny. I drove past this guy with his wife (or girlfriend), walking hand in hand down the road. He was wearing an LZ II album cover T-shirt, which I just found really amusing and coincidental, considering I live in quite a small place and I was playing that exact album at the time. Anyway, it was only a split second of time as obviously I was driving right past him, but he recognised the music I was playing and we both sort of clocked each other, made eye contact...he pointed at his T-shirt...I pointed at his T-shirt...then we both gave each other a thumbs up as I rode on past. It was an awesome moment!!
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