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    Guitar, writing my novels, Friends, smoking buddah while listening to live Zeppelin, going to concerts, Redskins, LSU Tigers, Barcelona FC, rock and roll
  1. i want Houston 1977 for ZZ Top as well as Zeppelin....and lets not stop there, GIVE US PONTIAC! its hiding somewhere, someone has seen these shows and all the skeptical people on here will seem strange by the end of this
  2. at first the pickups were stock Epiphone / Gibson pickups (whichever Epiphone have installed in their stock guitars) and they were fuzzier than hell, absolutely were abysmal to play with. my cousin, Chase, a very skilled guitar maker himself / technician / tone freak told me about a buddy he had who was selling a 1959 Gibson Les Paul. i was about 15 and knew i couldnt afford it but just wanted to see the thing. we went over and i checked it out and was in awe the whole time and had a crazy idea from reading all kinds of Eddie Van Halen Guitar magazine interviews where he'd do a lot of trial and error things with guitars and amps and pedals and i wanted to at least have a piece of that guitar in front of me, and to be honest, i thought offering for the pickups would make him just relent and sell the guitar cheaper seeing that it was gonna have its main components gutted out of it. but he knew nothing of guitars and gave no fucks and sold them for 300 hundred each (these were i believe Gibson PAFs that were in many of these late 50s Les Paul models, so your correct in saying THEY WERE A STEAL ) . my cousin later laughed on the way home but was smart enough to keep a straight face, i didnt know any better. he didnt know i wanted to put them into my Les Paul but when i told him he said there was a chance of fucking up the pickups and the guitar itself and i said i didnt care i was willing to gamble. he took three weeks with my Les Paul but when he had me come over and check it out it was unreal. i plugged it into his Marshall and it sounded like it hadnt before. the guitar became whole, it still made me have to work for its sound, i still have to wrestle with the strings, wrestle with my amp, but it does NOT contribute any amount of feedback that I DONT want. its a special guitar. Chase really thought it wouldnt work and wanted to try it in a Les Paul Custom first, just because it was thicker but he was willing to humor me and it turned out to be an incredible experiment. the tone is contained and it feels like its just bridling over the wood just oozing out whenever i roll those volume and tone knobs on. it sustains like ive never heard. it truly sounds better than any Les Paul I've ever played and I've played some beauties, some classics. It WAS risk, and my naivete at the time (being only 15) was the driving factor in this being almost a divine experiment hahah. it seriously was the tone id always wanted, the tone you hear when Billy Gibbons goes crazy with on Fandango! , the one that Jimmy has in the pre-1975 era Zeppelin sound (ultra distorted, creamy fuzz instead of the mid 70s clean chunk and bone rattling clank) . i know this all sounds weird, and it is, but i love that guitar and its shocked a lot of people ive played it in front of. i once did a guitar store contest alongside many better and richer equipped players who really blew me out of the water and i defintely didnt get close in the contest but every last one of them said you have a beautiful tone, man and a really amazing guitar keep those fingers going and dont stop playing. a simple rig makes you explore the biggest most ambitious sounds you can get out of so little, and THAT my friends is where the beauty is found, when you think you need a completely different pedal added to the chain to get a certain tone but then you turn the dial on accident and WOAH there it is, right there , THATS THE FUCKING SOUND. ive had way too many of these moments with a simple set up of highly advanced pedals in their awesomeness and amazingality (yes, new word there) with just a Phase 90, a Carbon Copy Delay (the best pedal on the market for any tone, any sound, anywhere anyhow anyway) a fuzz and a wah. it feels like Jimmy used a lot of slapback delay on a lot of live stuff if you listen for it (or is that the Echoplex?)
  3. ive never heard these kinda sounds for Jimmys guitar pre-1974 pre MXR Phase 90 and it sounds a little more watery than a Phaser ? it sounds almost like a Leslie organ speaker infected guitar, its very chorusy sounding this is from bonzo's birthday party May 31, 1973
  4. strange...because its Zeppelin at their most sunny and stoned...its upbeat in a good way.
  5. yeah jetcat that was an awesome story man! i think everyone here who never had the chance to see them cannot believe how amazing it must have been for someone like you to see them 6 times it was? jesus..and in 3 different eras. one question: how was When The Levee Breaks live, my good sir??
  6. crazy thread guys, im loving it....does anyone have any photos of Jimmy on the night of this fateful show?
  7. probably because they were EASY and they relaxed themselves too much because theyd played those songs so much or just Jimmy let his heroin high swallow his fingers during those songs???? I dunno i was seriously wondering that too , like THIS IS THE MOST INSANE SONG TO PLAY AND HES ALWAYS ON but with the others that have some complex parts but that Jimmy could play in his sleep.....its maybe they got too content sometimes, especially Jimmy
  8. 5/25/1975 is one amazing one, and the first i ever heard as it was on the Zeppelin DVD (watch it'll be a composite of the 24th and 25th or some shit) but after just having listened to 6/22/1977, and having my mind blown by the Lemon Song snippet....I JUST HAVE TO SAY ITS BETTER THAN THE "YOU SHOOK ME" segment that sometimes sounded very very good, but this bversion is relentless. so its gotta go to 6/22/1977, and yes the 1977 versions are way more sinister
  9. whoever that kid is, he's a fucking badass and might be the only thing getting Zeppelin back together it seems Robert was really touched by the kid
  10. D'Yer Mak'er woulda been a brilliant one live guys. so would have In The Light, Houses of The Holy, Custard Pie, Hey Hey What Can I Do, The Rover, Gallows Pole, Four Sticks, When The Levee Breaks (how in the hell they thought this sucked live is a testament to their horrible decisions sometimes) .... 1971 US tour: (set list addings) Gallows Pole, Four Sticks (maybe every other show?), Misty Mountain Hop, Friends of course, 1973 US Tour: (set list addings) full Crunge, D'yer Mak'er at least tried out a couple times, what about Houses of the Holy right here too? wouldnt hearing a track like this that wasnt on the album blow your mind? 1975 US tour: (set list addings) Custard Pie (would've been a very very heavy opener with R&R as a second song, a straight segue between CP, R&R and Sick Again after that, a three-fer to begin the show Never abandon When The Levee Breaks or The Wanton Song, both were insane live on this tour and were frequently the best two songs done (during a time when Plant couldn't sing at all, but was still willing to give it his all, which directly makes a song like The Wanton Song GOOD 1977 US tour: (set list addings) cant remember who said this earlier on this thread but someone said Houses of The Holy live on the 1977 tour would've been a blast and WOW....i can picture this now and this song and its jokey references would've made a great fourth or fifth song or as even an early encore if they were willing to beef it up and make it as big as it was on the album version. once again a dropping of In My Time Of Dying for When The Levee Breaks every other show would've been great too, here. Tea For One, For Your Life would've totally worked in the setting of the most drugged out most reckless tour Zeppelin ever survived..well sorta survived. id have also loved to see them do It'll Be Me every night too maybe some Ron Wood in one place here, some Keith Richards there, Mick Ralphs in Fort Worth of course, it coulda been the Great English Waldo Pepper
  11. And You know How It is, you smart ass hahahah awesomely true though
  12. what i would give to be at one of these Zeppelin marathons: Boston Tea Party 1969, LA Forum 1970, MSG 1970, Electric Magic Show 1971, LA Forum 1972, Seattle Center Coliseum 1972, Seattle 1975, LA 1975, Nassau Coliseum 1975, all Earls Court 1975 shows, all LA shows 1977...jesus....just to have recordings of all of those shows is a huge huge thing
  13. FUCK YEAH!!! ME TOO!!!! love BCW and all the other Houses songs on this night 1972 west coast was insanity ! who can argue with Dancing Days twice
  14. and some of the photos and audience descriptions on zeppelin.com have been VERY intriguing. my father went to the Salt Palace 1973 show and was stationed on the East Coast in the mid seventies and was able to see the Nassau Coliseum show in 1975, he couldnt remember if it was the 13th or 14th but he did say Robert kept saying something about "St. Valentine" and i just started laughing cause i told him "well...YEAH CAUSE IT WAS VALENTINE'S DAY" so he was at the 14th too (thank god he wasnt with my mom yet or she woulda kicked his ass forgetting Valentine's Day ) he said he had a buddy too who went to THIS show and the guy said there were a lot of crowd disturbances which made the band feel like just leaving, not cause of the crowd, but because the enthusiastic crowd was continually being hassled even to the point Jimmy and Robert were accosted by a cop on the side of the stage. But he said that Zeppelin, to their credit, it made them more determined to play even better and try to play as long as they could, but since there was a strict noise curfew in SLC at the time (MORMONS ughhh) they could only play around two hours. usually this woulda been a situation where i could've seen Zeppelin saying "fuck you pigs, we're gonna play 3 1/2 hours now" hahah. but yeah this talk of footage from this tour, and it being band commissioned, OFFICIAL MATERIAL is soooooooo interesting its not even funny. considering this was such a creative, important juncture in the band's history, where their hearts are telling them to go to the more ethereal and mellow while the crowd, unknowingly seeing this heavy heavy band play Zep I and Zep II numbers with SIBLY thrown in, were about to get their minds exploded by Zeppelin III just a few months later. basically if Zeppelin had not made the decision to do Zeppelin III maybe we wouldnt have Stairway, or Going to California, or Ten Years Gone, or ANY AND ALL acoustically based / ballad type numbers. they could've become pigeonholed into being "the heaviest band on earth" and made same album after same album like AC/DC, Slayer, etc.
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