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  1. I'm simply referring to who had the better reunion. When a band reunites, you think tour, album, etc. We got one concert. Would the Spice Girls won had they done one show? Think not. I also think Zep had the better reunion. But the Spice Girls winning was a reality check. Get on tour, record something, but please do more than a one night stand.
  2. The Spice Girls actually had a reunion, unlike Led Zeppelin
  3. It is that which you seek which you will find. If you do not know what you seek, then I advise that you refrain from seeking judgement, in case you find it.
  4. ARE YOU ON PCP and ACID or smtg? This video justifies what praise exactly? Riffing songs right?????? I am very willing to give him all the credit in the world, please link something of his that is worthy of being put on par with Jimmy and Jimi. Otherwise, cool down. You sound like the kind of person who thinks Volkswagens are the coolest cars in the world with the wheelcaps off....
  5. It's like saying you hate chocolate : it's saying you're boring, pathetic, odd and disliking everyone else so much that you chose to claim to shun what everyone likes. It labels you as a person that feels messed up inside, like you didn't get love from your mom and grew up on bad friends and habits or smtg. Can't put my finger on it. I've had my psuchosis days and utopia reveries and left them in the past, but I still know that Stairway is the best song ever, no matter what Taurus' Spirit sounds like. It's like a guy saying he hates getting deepthroated and finds it repulsive. GET RE
  6. SOUND is good, editing is not. I want the older versions of Celebration Day, Whole Lotta Love and No Quarter. I like the new Dazed & Confuzed edit better, except for that blip in the pre-bow solo. And Moby Dick is a mess compared to the old version, very sad. Basically, you trade in crap sound for good sound and better versions for worse versions. In exchange you get a gem such as Over the Hills and Far Away. It's bitter-sweet. They could have simply improved the sound, instead they add the DVD's annoying mistakes and slashes...
  7. THANK YOU. My Clarksdale stuff I managed to rip from Napster in 2000 or so blew my mind, No Quarter live being the flagship of the blowing of the mind...
  8. If any of us were to chose which band to hang out with in any of those 5 year periods, the superior beings would chose Led Zeppelin. Hands down. I do not respect people who would chose otherwise. Same goes for the music. The Beatles sound like a bunch of private school thugs who hit puberty early and never got beat up and let loose upon creativity. The Rolling Stones have a strong visceral drive, but little substance to it. Having murder on your conscience doesnt make every mundane gesture you make magical for other people. AND Jimmy Page played on a lot of their tracks, same for JPJ.
  9. I know, karma's on me on that one.
  10. I'm smarter AND better looking than you are. Go suck your mother's cokc in front of a priest, you dumbfuck piece of shit. There. Is that the sort of answer you are fishing for with your post? Cause you're really flying low on content there, buddy. It IS bluegrass. Look at the grammy(s). Nitwit. Go win the lottery and buy yourself a quarter. I don't care if I get banned from the forum. I can't stand bullshit like this and shitbulls like you.
  11. aye:) It is that of which I am speaking
  12. Absolutely. Like the prayer of Serenity says in the AA/NA/etc.A meetings
  13. bis, etc. It is rather an expression of my personal will, most of which is a velleity when it comes to execution... But as for expressing my own opinion, it is not the case. I also believe it is a reflection of the magnitude of what is at hand rather than an amplification of any man's ego or persona. Even if the essence of the subject has nothing to do with sales and money, it is nevertheless worth pondering how many albums would be sold, say in the first week. Just to get a crude scope on the level of intrerest and appreciation for the music out there. For myself, a very intuitive '
  14. Also, just in case the reunion album and tour are being kept a secret in the absolute best possible fashion, as it would be now if it were the case (Robert's antics, etc.), job well done. If not, grandest shame...biblical shame.... 'young Ripped Condom finding out how native Indians are named in front of all his friends' shame
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