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    Studio gear, mastering music, remixing music. Music I buy I try to make sure it's sourced from analog gear or analog transferred to Hi-Rez. Enjoy DIY HI-FI gear, Vintage Gear, and making my own style of ambient/glitch/field recording music with Audition and Rob Papen plug-inswhich I post on SoundCloud under StiffStax.

    Love Diament CD's from Led Zep, possibly my favorite.
  1. Their first LP is so historic. Zep is not even my favorite band from that era, but that first album is mind blowing for what Jimmy did with it. II just follows along, IMO, very well at that. But the first one has so much history behind it that every time I listen to it I shake my head in amazement. Sure some riffs were pulled from here and there, but Jimmy made them his. That whole issue is overrated and just a reason for people to offer a contrary opinion.
  2. I'd pick up the reissue by Classic Records. There's plenty of sealed ones, but they're extremely valuable among collectors, and from experience of owning it--nothing tops the sound quality. They go for about $200-$400 new. But that's what you'd pay anyway from some scammer selling a near mint version shrink wrapped. There are not any first or second presses of ITTOD for sale from a brief look, except for the Classic Records' version anyway. Check with Acoustic Sounds because they bought Classic Records' stock when they went bankrupt--that would be the best place to check first. This is what it looks like and it's premium all around and worth every cent, if you have it. Again, an original sealed would go for more, and I doubt it's a sincerely sealed copy. http://www.ebay.com/itm/audiophile-LED-ZEPPELIN-in-through-the-out-door-QUIEX-200g-SEALED-/301636580820
  3. 10 Years Gone: I even love The Black Crow's and Jimmy's live version. Just a gorgeous song that has so much in it. No Quarter: Love the dark aspect of this song and how Jimmy's basic riff is tuned down. Standards I listen to at least once a week: Ramble On, Dancing Days, Whole Lotta Love, Tangerine, Thank You, and Tangerine.
  4. Yeah, I own about 200+ bootleg concert and studio time albums. As far as LZ, I cherish all the studio takes I have collected. I'd never distribute them, but I do enjoy reading a book or magazine on the making of certain albums or songs and playing the band's takes at the same time. I've spent over $5K on LZ related material, not including the Classic Records box set of vinyl I sold when I heard Page planned to re-release the band's titles on vinyl. The Classic Record's LZ vinyl trumped the re-releases, IMHO. But they've lost a lot of value the past couple years.
  5. I actually enjoy his website. Certainly a labor of love and if you're a true music fan and are looking for the SQ you prefer in an album this is the place to look. In the end it's all subjective, but I do reference his site 3-4 times a month. I wish he would update it with more of the crappy vinyl being put out today. A lot of vinyl is made using the standard digital master and just transferred to vinyl, like ripping a CD on your PC.
  6. It certainly can be considered sloppy on some songs, but it's a good sloppy. Like Keef Richard's sloppy and loose playing. I'm not a big fan of surgical playing where every note is perfect--except a few like later Clapton work or EVH. But JP's sloppiness has such a cool swagger to it. John Frusciante's last couple albums with the RHCP's were VERY Page like, IMO. Nowadays you get such clean and perfect notes it comes off as stale. I love hearing crunches and missed notes in songs, but those days are WAY past.
  7. John Bohman died from 40 shots of Vodka. What brand of vodka was it?
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