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  1. As far as the comment of the millions of dollars, hard to know how many millions he ended up with when the management had drug problems. I read Grant was good with investing the millions but it is hard to really know. I suppose Jimmy is so into preserving the Led Zeppelin heritage to preserve it for future generations. It is obvious he will never be that famous or creative again and that is what he will be remembered for.
  2. It is hard to imagine him doing future projects. I see no evidence of a lineup of band members or promos of a few appearances --not even jumping on a stage to perform with others for a few minutes. Maybe he hates performing now. When I saw Jimmy in person in 1986 and talked to him in lobby of SF hotel, he looked taller than I expected and he was about 42 I think so still youngish looking with the black wild hair. I think it was the FIRM tour I saw him in. He sort of has a roundish face and flattish face but nice looking and very white complexion. I would say he was attractive in person... I was only a few feet away but he was not overly handsome in the classic movie star way.....like that old time guy Errol Flynn and also that guy in the rack pat Peter Lawrence... classically handsome. Even Bieber is better looking. But Jimmy was very nice but a bit aloof. At least he talked to me and my friend for about 10 minutes. Most rock stars would have had huge egos and brushed us off.
  3. The Americans is a really good TV show about Soviet spies in northern Virginia in the 1980s.
  4. What is your reaction to Caitlin Jenner? I think she looks like Cindy Crawford.
  5. That Swedish guy Yngvie Malmsteen is pretty good.
  6. Dark Lord, your posts are very intriguing and well thought out. You seem to have logically rationalized the strategy that Jimmy uses with the press to influence readers and other media outlets. Jimmy says "I want to play, I want to perform", etc. in many interviews but never really gives dates for the performances or even mentions who he has lined up to perform with or locations. It is always very vague. By creating the impression he is going to perform at some point, Jimmy feels more relevant in the media and music world even though he has already decided against ever performing again. Perhaps he feels his online merchandise will have more sales if he is perceived as still being "in the game". I think he might have arthritis in his hands and the pain might prevent him from properly playing the guitar although this is only conjecture. I feel he has been fully retired from show business for many years. I remember somewhere I read that Robert Plant stated that many older rock stars retire for good and never get back in the game. I forget where I read this. Jimmy might be tired too. He has had a hard life too with his dependencies and glad he is clean now.
  7. It could be that Jimmy might have arthritis in his hands. Sadly this would make it painful to play guitar.
  8. The Dark Lord seems very smart and articulate with his posts. I agree that Jimmy may be saying he is going to perform or play guitar as a promotion to seem relevant in the press when he sells merchandise. It is a good tactic to use from a psychological standpoint. If he said he never intends to perform again and is fully retired that makes him seem more irrelevant and dated. It appears Jimmy has been (in reality) fully retired for many years. Maybe he plans to do some acting or something different. I mean he is close to age 72. Why does he need to sell online items anyway? I thought he was wealthy. I met him once in 1986. He was a very nice person and talked to me and my friend for about 10 minutes in a hotel lobby in SF. I was impressed with the fact he appeared to have no ego at all and no entourage...just another man with him -manager I assumed.
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