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  1. Not my favorite cover, but this picture certainly fits the incident: Berline 1980... Zeppelin will never die...
  2. Wow, this is cool! Could Jonesy be going on tour anytime soon?
  3. The version from Paris Theatre, 1971 (BBC sessions) is one of my favorites. Very atmospheric, and more understated than other solos. I have clear images running through my head whenever I listen to it.
  4. I'm surprised to see no mention of Brian Jones here. I find that he was essential in the synthesis of the Stones, and was a creative genius in all rights. What do you guys think of him, specifically? I knew this would boil down to Taylor v. Wood, so I should have been a bit clearer. Also, this isn't meant to be a "Who's better" sort of thread. Just "Who is your favorite, and why?"
  5. Forgive me if this thread already exists, I'd imagine it would, but a search shows otherwise. Who is your favorite Stones guitarist, aside from Keef? We've got a great line up: Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, and Ronnie Wood. For me, Mick Taylor was their greatest guitarist, from a technical standpoint. While one can say that Jones was the greatest creative genius, I'd say Mick helped bring the band forward through what was arguably their peak (68-72). What are your thoughts?
  6. No idea. Is that David Coverdale playing tambourine?
  7. What does everyone think this will be, if it will be released? A single, complete night (unlikely), a frankensteined compilation much like HTWWW (most likely), or perhaps even a box set spanning multiple nights? I'd be ok with any of these, as long as they saw release!
  8. I remember Steve mentioned he heard it through the grapevine. Did Jimmy ever actually say anything about it?
  9. I could say the Allman Brothers. We obviously know about Duane, but what about Berry Oakley? Although he never really took to the limelight like the other musicians listed here, and his bass lines weren't the most complicated, I always found his playing strangely compelling. Who can forget "Berry starts 'er up", before he initiates the pile driver of a song that is Whipping Post? He did that with a lot of their songs, just drove them forward, and doing more than what your average bassist does. I don't know, just my two cents.
  10. Don't forget his Danelectro. Also I know that one of his acoustics was his D-28, but what was the other one?
  11. Mastodon is a fine metal band, incorporating prog, psychedelia, and many other genres into their music. Also, though not very contemporary, those who like post rock and drone/avant garde type music should look into Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
  12. I agree completely! I do like Yes however, just not a huge fan. I always found ELP a little boring.
  13. I find it sad that the campaign has finished! I remember first finding this forum shortly after the box sets were first announced, and reading the first few (and only) pages of the thread. Now it's all over! I'm sure this thread will remain active, though.
  14. The songs are listed in no particular order. I: Dazed and Confused, TIE (Just can't decide) Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown, How Many More Times. II: Whole Lotta Love, TIE (Damn this is harder than I thought) WIAWSNB/Thank You/Bring It On Home/Heartbreaker (wow I just cheated so bad), Ramble On. III: Since I've Been Loving You, Tangerine, That's The Way. IV: The Battle Of Evermore, Four Sticks, When The Levee Breaks. Houses: TIE TSRTS/OTHAFA, The Rain Song, No Quarter. Graffiti: TIE The Rover/Sick Again, In The Light, Ten Years Gone. Presence: Achilles Last Stand, Fo
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