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  1. I'm surprised to see no mention of Brian Jones here. I find that he was essential in the synthesis of the Stones, and was a creative genius in all rights. What do you guys think of him, specifically? I knew this would boil down to Taylor v. Wood, so I should have been a bit clearer. Also, this isn't meant to be a "Who's better" sort of thread. Just "Who is your favorite, and why?"
  2. Forgive me if this thread already exists, I'd imagine it would, but a search shows otherwise. Who is your favorite Stones guitarist, aside from Keef? We've got a great line up: Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, and Ronnie Wood. For me, Mick Taylor was their greatest guitarist, from a technical standpoint. While one can say that Jones was the greatest creative genius, I'd say Mick helped bring the band forward through what was arguably their peak (68-72). What are your thoughts?
  3. No idea. Is that David Coverdale playing tambourine?
  4. I could say the Allman Brothers. We obviously know about Duane, but what about Berry Oakley? Although he never really took to the limelight like the other musicians listed here, and his bass lines weren't the most complicated, I always found his playing strangely compelling. Who can forget "Berry starts 'er up", before he initiates the pile driver of a song that is Whipping Post? He did that with a lot of their songs, just drove them forward, and doing more than what your average bassist does. I don't know, just my two cents.
  5. Don't forget his Danelectro. Also I know that one of his acoustics was his D-28, but what was the other one?
  6. Mastodon is a fine metal band, incorporating prog, psychedelia, and many other genres into their music. Also, though not very contemporary, those who like post rock and drone/avant garde type music should look into Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
  7. I agree completely! I do like Yes however, just not a huge fan. I always found ELP a little boring.
  8. I have to admit: I thought Page's soundtracks would be way too "avant gardey" and "droney" for my tastes, but now, I've moved on to the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. You never know what new music will do for you. Then again, too much prog tends to get on my nerves.
  9. I know this is an old thread, but here is something that intrigued me, which I found in the book for the Presence box set. EDIT: I can see now that Jimmy is playing mandolin, so this is probably a shot of Evermore.
  10. Well, Page vows to return to his solo career August 2nd, and he seems really insistent on it, so maybe he actually will. In the case that these tapes won't interfere with that date, I'd love to see them released.
  11. Forgive me if this has been posted, or if it belongs under news. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimmy-page-yes-xyz/ Jimmy Page May Release XYZ Tapes of His Aborted Collaboration With Members of Yes by Jeff Giles July 30, 2015 9:20 AM After sitting in the vaults for more than 30 years, demos recorded by a short-lived supergroup featuring Jimmy Page and members of Yes may finally see official release. Page has been talking about getting the tapes out there for years, and as he told Radio.com in a recent interview, hed been mulling over their release shortly before the death of Yes bassist Chris Squire in June, and had been meaning to reach out to Squire and his other partner in the project, Yes drummer Alan White, after he was finally finished with the current round of Led Zeppelin reissues. I havent worked on it. Its something I wanted to do after all the Led Zeppelin stuff was out, noted Page, who says he absolutely wants to arrange for the recordings to be released. I wanted to contact Chris and Alan. The music was really good its the first thing I did after we lost John Bonham. As Page noted, his brief collaboration with Squire and White dubbed XYZ, for ex-Yes and Zeppelin came together after the death of Zeppelin drummer Bonham in September 1980. Still reeling the following spring, Page recalled, I had a studio at the time and they wanted to get together. I thought it was like laying down the gauntlet: Im not curling up under a rock and hiding. Unfortunately, although the budding band recorded a handful of songs, and even managed to briefly involve ex-Zeppelin singer Robert Plant at one point, the project fell apart because, as Squire later put it, It was really a bit too soon after John Bonham departed this world. Looking back now, Plant said, These guys are really, really good, so I had to be really good too. It was really an interesting blend really good music. Getting them out there in the wake of Squires death could serve as a tribute of sorts for Page, who added, That was really sad. He was a phenomenal bass player. Its really sad that weve lost him. Read More: Jimmy Page May Release 'XYZ' Tapes of His Aborted Collaboration With Members of Yes | http://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimmy-page-yes-xyz/?trackback=tsmclip
  12. Neil Young and Promise Of The Real at the Riverbend in Cincinnati, July 13th. Wonderful show, I recorded a few videos:
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