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  1. we are one in the same!

  2. Here is a part of an interview of Ian Anderson about his time with Led Zeppelin: Aqualung: "...I can´t remmber what it was, it was Zeppelin ..., we already toured with Zeppelin in 69, we were their Supportband, and we all got on well with Jimmy Page and Peter Grant the Manager, and even with John Bonham, ..., but for some reason, probably entirely unimportant and lost in the mist of time, Robert Plant and I never got on, ... whatever the reason or reason´s were, i´m absolutely prepared to take the blame for, because I do recall, in what I thaught was good spirit, making some, not badly inte
  3. Today I will spend the evening with watching my Mothership-DVD again - for the perhaps 30th time... still enjoy it very much!
  4. Here is one of my favourite videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXUpdBvu3Vo
  5. It is time for a new topic now - forget the last topic - it is not worth still thinking about it - it is over. Beside Led Zeppelin I am a huge fan of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson too. I like them soooo much and listen to them very often - one of my favourite albums is "Thick as a brick" - but I like all the others too of course! I love it when Ian Anderson plays his flute - absolutely wonderful and fantastic!!! And the man has a big appeal, normally I don't like men with beards, but I love the beard of Ian and most of all I like the way he speaks, wonderful... and he has a pretty face!!!
  6. I want to say thanks to Led Zeppelin because without them I probably would not have met the most wonderful man of this world...
  7. i smell armani code black ......

  8. Look at the son of Robert - Logan is so much like his father!!! I love this phtoo: Video:
  9. I am still obsessed with LZ and only hearing them if I have the chance to hear any music. At home only watching Videos and DVD of them, nothing else is interesting for me these days... I found fantastic interviews of Robert Plant und Jimmy Page yesterday in the evening at Youtube, I could not stop watching them. Well, I love them very much - a neverending love! And I hope so much that they will make a DVD of the concert! Thanks a lot to everybody who puts videos and photos in this Forum!!!
  10. Hi to all LZ-Fan, I am new here, have read a lot already and now I want to write myself too. Sorry for my English, but I am from Austria... I feel worse every day, I think of monday and I feel so unhappy because I cannot see them live. I adore Robert Plant, he means so much to me - I am crazy about him, really crazy! Madly in love... Does someone here know if Jimmy PAGE (corrected it, thanks TheBulle) is marrierd? Children? What about Robert Plant? I know he was marrierd for 15 years but is divorced. And where do they live? I would be happy if someone could tell me.
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