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    the hangmans noose I dangle
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    Jimmy Page, Music, Riding my motorcycle, drawing, reading, camping and dreaming of Jimmy.

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  1. Awesome website you've create!

  2. I love his long hair. It makes him younger looking and it makes him feel younger. Jimmy is awsome anyway he wears his hair. I love him
  3. These two pictures are so dark and deep. Wouldnt you like to know what he is thinking? Here he is so young and so peaceful
  4. I just love Jimmy's pouty lips...ummmmm (cover of the New Uncut Magazine January 2009)
  5. Nice to meet you John, from one Zep fan to another. May the power of Page be with you!!

  6. I'am just great. so since there is nothing listed about you, who are you and why? Hard to have a conversation with no one. Understand ;-)

  7. well how are we today love?

  8. By kimmtorres Jimmy in Asia just a few days ago. Looking good! Looking Hot! Looking sexy!
  9. That is Jimmy at his home and the tapestry behind him is the one he tried to auction for one million a little while back.
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