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  1. Awesome website you've create!

  2. I love his long hair. It makes him younger looking and it makes him feel younger. Jimmy is awsome anyway he wears his hair. I love him
  3. These two pictures are so dark and deep. Wouldnt you like to know what he is thinking? Here he is so young and so peaceful
  4. (OTHER) To have it be 1970 and know the future.
  5. I am not sure about that quote but I have heard it before and it sounds right. Here is a site that has tons of quotes from our boys....enjoy!!! http://www.led-zeppelin.org/reference/index.php?m=assorted1
  6. I just love Jimmy's pouty lips...ummmmm (cover of the New Uncut Magazine January 2009)
  7. I would do totally the same thing. I used to think about this alot and wished I could find it for him. Just to see him smile face to face would be so awsome!! I'm sure who ever has it doesnt realize it or it's for sale at some salvation army discount store. Oh the thought makes me sick!!
  8. I have read this book many times and have read just about every other book out there. Most of what is in HOTG is in the other books also. So I am confused as to what parts are not true? Can anyone clarify for me. what is not true and what is? Thanks Kimm
  9. I totally agree with you. Watching him play four sticks was thrilling for me, he gave me goose bumps. He had the drummers Mojo for sure. My heart aches for his family and close friends. He will be watched over and taken good care of.
  10. Nice to meet you John, from one Zep fan to another. May the power of Page be with you!!

  11. By kimmtorres Tuesday, November 25, 2008 Sad news: Drummer Michael Lee has died I've just learned of the unexpected passing of drummer Michael Lee, who collaborated with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on tour and in the studio for several years. Michael drummed for Robert Plant beginning with the recording of his 1993 album Fate of Nations. He can be heard on that album's "Memory Song (Hello Hello)" and "Network News." Robert Plant asked him to go on tour as the drummer for his tour, and he gladly accepted. They spent some time opening for Lenny Kravitz on that tour. Led Zeppelin's sing
  12. NO WAY JOSE!!!!! The boy's are too good for this type of thing.
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