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  1. Smothers Brothers are quite brilliant indeed, love them
  2. Cheers indeed i love ROBERT JOHNSON, as well as all the otehr old blues players
  3. John Lennon's "God" beyond amazing..no words to explain
  4. Indeed!! except i really don't have any respect for bono sorry...
  5. i'm as single as a one dollar bill...Screw Valentines day.... its stupid to have one "love" day because your supposed to... what about the rest of the time? if you feel that way, don't you think you should always be like that...
  6. he is not my president, and never will be * not a republican, an extreme liberal *
  7. mate i'm a singer, obssesed with Led Zeppelin (as well as the beatles) A Hippie, i live the 60's/70's lifestyle right now i'm staying at a flat in a city called riverside (?) i believe its southern california
  8. oh i got that, i was asking about the california propositions cheers !
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