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  1. Smothers Brothers are quite brilliant indeed, love them
  2. Cheers indeed i love ROBERT JOHNSON, as well as all the otehr old blues players
  3. John Lennon's "God" beyond amazing..no words to explain
  4. Indeed!! except i really don't have any respect for bono sorry...
  5. i'm as single as a one dollar bill...Screw Valentines day.... its stupid to have one "love" day because your supposed to... what about the rest of the time? if you feel that way, don't you think you should always be like that...
  6. he is not my president, and never will be * not a republican, an extreme liberal *
  7. mate i'm a singer, obssesed with Led Zeppelin (as well as the beatles) A Hippie, i live the 60's/70's lifestyle right now i'm staying at a flat in a city called riverside (?) i believe its southern california
  8. oh i got that, i was asking about the california propositions cheers !
  9. i don't have flash, what was the outcome?
  10. glad we could discuss this in a civil manner mate, cheers to you i'm uber uber uber left, maybe beyond that
  11. Prop 8 is bullshit and it should be a NO al franken is kinda groovy..
  12. you are quite right mate, i had to vent i can't stand the sound of obamas name, much less Mccain, its bollocks that people like me can't and wont let be heard, and we have to suffer with this for 4 years, like the 8 years before that, sorry, should have said it more intelligently, but i'm pissed at the outcome, obama is not my president, not my leader, he is nothing to me
  13. Fuck...Fuck... and Fuck again.. fuck obama, and fuck Mccain republicans and democrats
  14. thank you mate, i can't tell you how sick i am of hearing that wasted vote bollocks
  15. Darth_Prime


    no he is not, but out of the lot of them, i guess he would be me only choice.. i'm too far left for even that lot,
  16. Darth_Prime


    The Closest one would have been Dennis Kucinich
  17. Darth_Prime


    to be honest, i can't stand obama, he is a cocky, stuck up, scum bag like the lot of them, and i would rather die before i voted for a republican, i'm so damn tired of hearing about "wasted votes" how is it a wasted vote if you vote for who you believe in, not the god damn lesser of two evils thing, i'm one of the biggest far left liberals( if i have to use that word) I've yet to see,meet, or hear how the hell can anyone say obama is the most "liberal" person we have had run, or Mccain shows liberal tendencies, to hell with all that, nothing will change with obama, and i'm so tired of hearing all this bloody lot of how he is the voice of change, and everyone like sheep is flocking to him, bollocks to that
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