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  1. And there are all sorts of allegations floating out there that Bonham was an extremely mean drunk, who dabbled in cocaine. As much as I admire the man's musical acumen, I don't doubt these reports at all. If you can't see beyond your blinders, then perhaps you have a personal problem.
  2. Go back and read, JTM. Hughes said that Bonzo accused Hughes of cheating with Bonzo's wife, and there was no substance to it. Which makes this paranoid behavior. I take it reading between the lines isn't your strongest suit.
  3. As much as I admire the musical acumen of both Bonzo and Hughes, Bonzo struck me as the extremely paranoid sort--his frame of mind most likely brought about by his heavy drinking.
  4. Not much longer till Songs of Experience drops. Huah!
  5. Slow clap. One of my favoritest bands ever.
  6. Glad I turned off the TV after the Steelers-Deadskins game. Rams = snorefest. zzzz
  7. The Chiefs with the thrilling overtime victory, overcoming a 17-point fourth quarter deficit. And how the mighty have fallen...! The Cardinals succumb to Jimmy Garoppollo and the heat 23-21!!!
  8. I'm ready. Repping my Travis Kelce #87 Kansas City Chiefs jersey this morning. Four and a half hours till gridiron bliss!
  9. Yikes. That being said, GH's new album snippets sound grand.
  10. I'm quick to remind all my Cubs-fan associates that the Cards had the best record in baseball for most of last year, and how did that work out? Coupled with the 108-year Cubs curse, such "high hopes" (thank you, David Gilmour!) should be immediately dashed.
  11. At least the Cards are tied for the second wild-card spot. Considering how torrid the Cubs have been (it's weird typing that, lol), I'm glad my Cards haven't faded away entirely. Like the Cubs will once the post-season emerges.
  12. Carolina @ Denver 8:30p.m. EST SUNDAY SEPT. 11 Tennesee Houston Philadelphia Baltimore Kansas City New Orleans Tampa Bay Cincinatti Green Bay Seattle Dallas Indianapolis New England MONDAY SEPT. 12 Pittsburgh Los Angeles
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