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  1. well It seems Pretty clear what will "Win" here but I will let it go a few more Days to get a Few more votes In.
  2. For those with Mental fortitude, choose your Least favorite. Will keep eliminating until we Have a winner. Round 1 - Coda
  3. The little things: Not having Lyric sheets. Plant's singing style (or the Producers mixing him low) made Deciphering a lot of the lyrics From PG--->ITTOD difficult. Not releasing a complete Live show from anything Other than the reunion. The companion Discs.
  4. We have a Bunch down here in SoCal. Led Zepagain, Zeppelin USA, Lady Zep, Led Zeppelive, Like Zeppelin, the Best of all is Zeppelin USA. Led Zepagain has the Look and the music is solid, but the singer is the weak link. Zeppelin USA eschews the Look and focus on music, and they are In my humble opinion, the Best of the bunch.
  5. Love love love these Guys but Hollow bones is well Below par....
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