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  1. If you're looking for an outstanding soundboard version, check out the May 18th, Dallas version. It's really something (despite JPJ's fractured ribs 😉). Arguably the best from that tour and definitively better than TSRTS rendition! You can easily find the incomplete tape in lossless format; there's a DADGAD remaster. There are a lot of good versions of SIBLY, but I think this one is my favorite. It's a shame most of the US '73 tour soundboard tapes sound so dry. "Oh my tears, they fell like rain..."
  2. "Osaka — 1971, Sept. 29th" being one of my favorite Led Zeppelin shows, like many of you, I was super happy when I heard a decent mix of the soundboard would be released by EVSD, but was disappointed to discover that the two tracks they previously published on a sampler CD, namely 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Friends', were not included on How the East Was Won. I don't know if that bothers you as much as me, but I searched a version of the same quality including 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Friends' and found it! JamesKG, the Traders' Den audio thread moderator, published a torrent file of
  3. That discussion makes me think about what Frank Zappa had done in 1991. He released the 'Beat the Boots!' box set, which was nothing more than a collection of classic bootleg recordings, with their original cover art. To me, that was a brilliant, pragmatic move, both commercially and artistically. Obviously, jimmy will never do such a thing. What to do, then? I think a team of fans could do the job. Together, we have every show that was recorded. We could collectively organize and produce an unofficial collection, then make it available for everyone to download for free. Just a collective
  4. I wouldn't say this recording captures Jimmy Page at its finest, but it features an excellent 'Going to California'. It's my favorite live version of that song.
  5. "What is the best bootleg?" is a question I can't answer. We all have some favorite records, but I think it would be more relevant to pick the best live rendition of each song they performed live, individually. If I had to choose a particular bootleg, it may be "Snow Jobs" (Vancouver, March 19, 1975 – excellent sound and solid performance), mostly because the '69-'73 era is well documented on official releases and because there's not many very good performances from the '77 and '80 tours that were professionally recorded. That said, there are a lot of must-have, classic bootlegs, lik
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