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  1. Any time I ever listen to rain song It reminds me of much I truly love led Zeppelin and how greatful I am for their music. Same with watching ramble on from it might get loud. Seeing all of his old gear in the background and his les Paul. Really a special thing. Anyone else ever feel this way?
  2. Thought I would fill you all in on a little story that happened to my buddy the other day. I recently got him into Zep and he had just bought TSRTS and had it on full blast in his car. He pulled up next to a cop with it playing (he has very loud speakers) and parked. When he got out the cop told him he was going to give him a ticket for how loud it was but since it was Zeppelin he was going to let him off. Cool cop if I may say so myself anybody got any similar stories?
  3. I know there are a lot of posts very similar to this one, but what's your all time favorite outfit from Mr. Pages wardrobe? heres mine
  4. What are your first memories of hearing the band and what did you think? Personally, led Zep 4 is the cd that was playing on my way home from birth
  5. Welp, this thread took a turn for the worst. Id like to still discuss the topic if anyone else is interested
  6. I know they were the greatest band ever etc, but how did the band change music, what barriers did they break down? I've heard people compare their impact to the Beatles but I'm just not sure the impact was a big. Let me know what you guys think
  7. I'd like to see rare backstage photos of the group that aren't tossed around so often!
  8. Ah yes I forgot about these
  9. Hi all, new to this forum so not sure if this is the right place to ask this. Are there any pictures of jimmy tuning his guitars or changing his strings? I've yet to see any.
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