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  1. Hi Steve, I would love a link too when you get the chance. Thanks!
  2. LZI - 21945 LZII - 10277 LZIII - 16866 LZIV - 26054 HotH - 20217 PG - 28289 Presence - 12689 ITtOD - 00420 Coda - 05696 TSRtS - 08241 BBC - 16718 HtWWW - 12316
  3. Hello, if anyone is still handing out links I'd love to have one too. Thanks!!
  4. Actually, what that means is that the 9th Circuit court is the most overturned federal circuit court in the country. I'm sure opinions will vary on why that is. But either way, let's hope it's not overturned this time.
  5. Here's a funny story. I saw that a local minor league baseball team was having a special fireworks show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin. Here's the promotion: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2109674472475808&id=1451794498263812#!/MKEMilkmen/photos/a.1463475760429019/2109673465809242/?type=3&source=57&refid=52&__tn__=EH-R Now, I'm not much of a baseball fan. In fact, I can't help but think it's possibly the most boring spectator sport ever invented. But a Led Zeppelin fireworks show sounded awesome, and I feel like I should support an organization that presents an awesome event like this, so I bought tickets. I also found it amusing that a minor league baseball team would do more to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin than Led Zeppelin has. So last night was the game. My girlfriend and I went. We sat through four hours of minor league baseball, which was less painful than I expected but still not exactly my ideal night, and just as the game ended they announced over the loudspeaker that the Led Zeppelin fireworks were cancelled. As we were walking out I thought, well that's perfectly in line with the rest of the 50th anniversary "celebration." A long anticipation followed by a big disappointing pile of nothing.
  6. Gotta show some love for Devin Townsend's excellent new album Empath.
  7. I just watched this movie last night. I usually stay away from Oscar films, since so often they're just dreadful. But this film was really quite good, and Viggo Mortensen was simply outstanding. The funny thing is, watching the movie, I did at one point think that the soundtrack was exactly the kind of stuff Plant would love. I guess I was right about that.
  8. If you're sending out links I'd love one too...pretty please.
  9. I have a coworker friend who has very similar musical tastes as I, but he never liked Zeppelin. He said he couldn't stand them. I found that weird, but ok, to each their own. But it turned out to be the same thing, he'd heard the radio hits enough times to be sick of them, but had never heard anything else. So one day he borrowed all my Zeppelin cds and listened to them, and he was blown away. He said he had no idea all the different stuff they'd play, since all he'd ever heard were things like Heartbreaker. Better late than never.
  10. I first heard Dio when the Holy Diver album came out. It immediately became a favorite of mine and has been ever since. But lately, my favorite stuff from him is his old band Elf. From Rainbow through Sabbath and into his solo career, Dio always sounds like Dio. You could stick Stargazer or Children of the Sea on a Dio solo album and not really notice much difference. But Elf has it's own sound that's nothing like the Dio sound. It's not metal, it's just good old fashioned rock and roll with one of rock's greatest singers at the helm. Lately I've been loving that stuff to death. Finally, and maybe it's just me, but I think Dio's vocals were best back during the various incarnations of his old early 60s group Ronnie and the Redcaps/Prophets/whatever else. Mostly because he's not trying to do his signature Dio metal growl, but instead is singing clean, which to me better shows just how beautiful and powerful his voice was. I'm not a big fan of the music, since I'm just not a fan of that 50s/60s doo wop sound, but his voice on those recordings is just angelic. This one is among my favorites
  11. Hot Dog and Carouselambra. As a teenager, I was not interested in listening to Zeppelin play country music, and anything with synthesizers was practically taboo. Now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, Zeppelin playing country amuses me, and it's just such a catchy tune; and while synthesizers in hard rock are still usually pretty lame, Carouselambra gets a pass for being a flat out awesome song.
  12. I've watched about half the show now and the sound is a definite improvement. I haven't directly compared it to the DVD I've got, but I do remember that one sounding like hell. This one sounds quite good, so that's an improvement right there already. This, along with the excellent Live In New York video, are helping to make the 50th anniversary better than a total bust. Thanks to SteveZ98 for doing the work of bringing us this great video!
  13. I would like a link too, if you don't mind.
  14. I just got my copy of "Evenings With Led Zeppelin" this morning, and even though I've only merely skimmed through it a bit, it's already primed to become my new favorite Led Zeppelin book.
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