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  1. This is exciting! Can‘t wait to see it.
  2. Yes, unfortunately the picture sleeve is not there anymore.. Yes the condition is poor/good.. all true. Thank you very much, Sam.
  3. Hi everybody Someone giftet me this LZ single „Whole lotta love“/„Livin‘ Lovin‘ Maid“. Is there a possibility to find out how old it is (means when it's produced) and is it a collector's piece? Just asking, because I'm thinking about playing it from time to time and if it's a collector's piece I rather store it carefully. Thank you.
  4. Fantastic photos and quality. Thx for sharing!
  5. I totally agree. „Holy Mountain“ is a great film. I think Jodorowksy has much more knowledge about symbolism and occultism and his films have more ingenuity and profundity.
  6. You know that Jimmy Page appears in the film for a few seconds? And he wasn‘t cut out when the filmwas released. I saw the film, it‘s.. well how should I say... special. There are some directors like Alejandro Jodorowsky who did similar films.. I think it‘s something you can argue about if they are good or not. Fact is the whole topic about occultism fascinated people and it still does.
  7. tea4one

    hello there

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I discovered Led Zeppelin a bit late unfortunately. I studied photography until June this year and their music helped me a lot through my diploma thesis. I knew Stairway for a long time (who doesn't) but when I heard Immigrant Song for the first time I got very interested in their music.. bought every album and fell in love with the music.. and their music fitted so well for my thesis, I listened a lot to it.. yes I became a big fan 😎.
  8. It‘s definitely the tapestry! And they are amazing and beautiful. Shame that I haven‘t a chance to see them at Tate London...
  9. tea4one

    hello there

    Hi from Switzerland - good to be here! Seems to be a nice place. ...wondering if there are any other swiss people? 😊
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