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  1. Any book on led zeppelin in the past or the future is better than mick walls book which had those pointless italicised parts at the start of the chapters. Where they just mick wall bullshitting in those parts ? Didn’t jimmy threaten to sue him over the book ?
  2. It seem complete for those of us who got it in 2003/04 but it's been edited from 2018 on HTWW it seems. The only thing I can think of is that there is a copyright issue.
  3. Hoping that someone may be able to answer this question about how the west was won from 2003. I bought it when it came out but I was reading that the hello Mary Lou part of Whole lotta love has been removed. Any reason why this happened ?
  4. I was reading this thread last night and it was interesting and some excellent posts btw. But I doubt John Bonham was completely unaware of who peart was by the time of his death but just because he hadn’t a Rush album doesn’t mean he had no idea who he was. That’s just my opinion anyway. I’m not saying they were talking every Friday but as I said I find it hard to believe that John Bonham has no idea who Neil Peart was.
  5. I was convinced I had registered here before but it seems I hadn’t. Anyway I’ve been listening to led zeppelin since the early 2000’s and have all the albums and listened to them all through college and have books on the band but in the past year I had issues with my PC and hard drive where I had the albums saved and I got a new phone and it was a mess. Anyway I stopped listening to led zeppelin nearly a year ago completely and last weekend I said sod it and got the CDs out(I love the physical CD to this day) and put them back on iTunes and my iPhone and last Sunday it was like hearing from an old friend after a time away and instantly I remembered the lyrics of the songs and solos and it was amazing actually. Anyway hello to fellow led zeppelin fans from a lapsed zeppelin fan.
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