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  1. You have a list of 100 songs and you have songs by bands most people wouldn't even know ahead of Achilles Last Stand? Zeppelin fanatic or not...when you rank things like that you lose credibility. Fact is, Zeppelin was so far superior it wouldn't be fair to include so many of theur songs. Are you really going to tell me that Smells like Teen Spirit is a greater guitar song then Black Dog?
  2. The only place I have been able to find any is... http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/l/led_...co_solo_tab.htm But I don't like them too much. Does anyone know where I can find any more tabs for this part from the Song Remains The Same version? It would be a huge help. Thanks :-)
  3. Would he really yell "F-off". See, I would not want to be disrespectful to Alison or the rest of the band, its great that they get to play with robert, but people (Robert imparticular) need to realize that he is loved 99% as a result of Led Zeppelin. I'm proud of him for sticking to what makes him happy. I wouldn't expect him to change the set list but I do think he should know what people want to hear. But by chanting "led zeppelin", or "stairway", its really only paying homage and showing admiration and respect for his past, not disrespecting his future. I have no idea what I should do there
  4. I'm going to the Robert Plant/Alison Krause concert tonight. I was reading that Robert has been singing a few Zeppelin songs at his live shows with her such as Battle of Evermore, Black Dog, and When the levee breaks. Does anyone know if he'll sing those or any other Zepplelin songs tonight? On another note, I don't want to be obnoxious but i do want to belt out a few "Led Zeppelin!" chants at the concert, do people do that? Or would that be rude? Either way im psyched!
  5. The one with Pagey on the cover, i know guitar world sometimes releases Mags about 2 months ahead of whats printed so i assume it came out in november of 2007...anyway to find out what day it came out?
  6. The issue here is overal perception. The fact that they are both great can harm the debate because the moment you pick a winner, someone will say what's wrong with hendrix/page? There is nothing wrong with either. Both are two of the greatest hands down, with Page being the all time greatest if you had to rank and here's why. He was the most versitile (picked up from being the world's best session player), his creative genius, riff making, knowing how to construct and produce a song. Bottom line, Jimmy knew what people wanted. For Hendrix, outside of Purple haze, all along the watchtower, v
  7. Personally, I really like KISS, they are one of my favorite bands, good time fun rock and roll. No, nowhere near the caliber of LZ, but they had a large amount of good songs which is all too rare. Paul is probably my favorite and much of what he said was spot on. Especially the Beck Page comparison about making up for lack of creativity, and Beck's one of my favorites, i still couldnt phrase the difference much better, and that could also apply when comparing many other players to Jimmy.
  8. I could care less that LZ borrowed lyrics from about 10 different songs. Usually its only a few words but sometimes more. They totally re-arranged everything and the musical elements were totally new. The only reason it was an issue was because they became more popular then all the blues artists put together. Atlantic Records pushed them to get that album out and they had not been together long enough to come up with new material. That idiot who said babe im gonna leave you was their staple song before stairway? I love the song put it wasn't even the staple of the first album. Yes they s
  9. This is kinda of a fantasy concept really. Its doubtfull enough that LZ will tour much less team up with Pink Floyd. If they did, PF would have to open for LZ or at least go on first. There are both awsome bands, all time greats but they are not nearly as equal as the average rock fan would have you believe. PF has been around alot longer and lack the consistancy that Zep had with much more filler and zone out music. Their live performance is awsome and the light shows have alot to do with that. The members of PF have even said they like to let the light shows do the talking. They could not ma
  10. To be honest, and you'd have to ask other people who play guitar also but...the Gibson Les Paul is simply amazing! And i thought Kashmir sounded very heavy and awsome coming out of the Les Paul. In this case, im not 100% sure it could have sounded much better had he used a danelectro.
  11. im not sure i picked up the rolling stone mag on stands a few days ago, got the GW mag a few weeks back.
  12. The press was actually not that bad. It was on CNN, AP, New York Times, MTV, NME, etc...all with great reviews! It took over ABC news tonight, they were talking about how the weather tonight isnt going to be any stairway to heaven. They've graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and Pagey graced Guitar World. The media has been good to us. it should be the largest thing in the news, i dont debate that, im just saying it could be worse.
  13. If everyone could please add to this and only post links (not opinions), so everyone could watch as much as they can as soon as possible. Thanks!
  14. Very very well said. And again, I don't dislike Satriani, he is very good. But in the same sense that when you plug Zepp tabs into a computer program, and it does not sound nearly as good is the same sense that Satriani could not play Stairway anything like Jimmy could. He would play it alot better then i would, but it lacks that certain touch and edge of humanity. Its something present in Jimmy's so called sloppy playing that blows technical guitarists out of the water.
  15. Watching Satriani is odd for me and here's why. He's clearly very skilled, but the sounds coming out of that guitar, although crisp as just plain. He's missing that creativity and that edge that made simple riffs like whole lotta love, blow Satriani out of the water. And that Guitar/harp suff looks cool. But again, i think these sorts of styles are more interesting talents that lack the musical brilliance of guys like Page. Although I agree he is the best at rock and roll.
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