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  1. The only place I have been able to find any is... http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/l/led_...co_solo_tab.htm But I don't like them too much. Does anyone know where I can find any more tabs for this part from the Song Remains The Same version? It would be a huge help. Thanks :-)
  2. Personally, I really like KISS, they are one of my favorite bands, good time fun rock and roll. No, nowhere near the caliber of LZ, but they had a large amount of good songs which is all too rare. Paul is probably my favorite and much of what he said was spot on. Especially the Beck Page comparison about making up for lack of creativity, and Beck's one of my favorites, i still couldnt phrase the difference much better, and that could also apply when comparing many other players to Jimmy.
  3. To be honest, and you'd have to ask other people who play guitar also but...the Gibson Les Paul is simply amazing! And i thought Kashmir sounded very heavy and awsome coming out of the Les Paul. In this case, im not 100% sure it could have sounded much better had he used a danelectro.
  4. Very very well said. And again, I don't dislike Satriani, he is very good. But in the same sense that when you plug Zepp tabs into a computer program, and it does not sound nearly as good is the same sense that Satriani could not play Stairway anything like Jimmy could. He would play it alot better then i would, but it lacks that certain touch and edge of humanity. Its something present in Jimmy's so called sloppy playing that blows technical guitarists out of the water.
  5. Watching Satriani is odd for me and here's why. He's clearly very skilled, but the sounds coming out of that guitar, although crisp as just plain. He's missing that creativity and that edge that made simple riffs like whole lotta love, blow Satriani out of the water. And that Guitar/harp suff looks cool. But again, i think these sorts of styles are more interesting talents that lack the musical brilliance of guys like Page. Although I agree he is the best at rock and roll.
  6. Left you a comment on the Other Bands / Music -board! I'm glad having found a KFC!

    CU Tinkerbell

  7. Well i ask you and all the other people who put Hendrix first this question...How many "great" Hendrix songs are there? Sadly he died to young we all know that which really sucks because he could have made more great music. Of course you have stuff like "all along the watchtower", "Purple Haze, "Voodoo Child", "Foxy Lady", etc...but how many truely genius stuff is there that just makes you stand still in amazement? I know Page was so clever and crafty with riff making, but there are countless songs, even outside the Zeppelin community that are catchy as hell and unbelievable. I know Hendrix could have made more had he lived longer, but just because he died young does not mean we can just credit him with that assumption as if he made 10 extra years of classics. Certainly not bashing Jimi, who i concider 2nd best and one of my all time favorites, Im just saying Zeppelin had far more Quality and Quantity....and Even albums like LZ I and LZ 2 are more consistantly good then "Are You Experienced" in my opinion.
  8. If I had to make a list it would be something like this off the top of my head: 1. Jimmy Page 2. Jimi Hendrix 3. Carlos Santana 4. Slash 5. Eddie Van Halen 6. Eric Clapton 7. Brian May 8. Joe Perry 9. Jeff Beck 10. Randy Rhodes And i know alot of people are going to say so and so should be higher..or where are guys like Steve Vai. for me personally, im trying to evaluate on overall skill, creativity, musical works, showmanship, live performance, technical abilities, and lasting impact. So where guys like Jeff Beck are better technical players then Joe Perry..Aerosmith left a profound impact far beyond Beck, although Beck influenced so many players, its hard to say whats better or more important. Players like Steve Vai would be somewhere a little bit lower because he has great technical abilities, but as far as creativity, reff creating (which i personally feel can define a song) he's not up there with other guys and how many Vai songs can most people name outside his fan base? Not saying popularity equals ability, although they often reflect each other. Im just trying to give my reasoning a little bit.
  9. Also, technical guitar ability is very over rated. True, there are many great technical guitarists who we'd never hear of. I could care less how fast and complicated you play if you lose the musical essense that makes stuff like the Whole Lotta Love riff brilliant. Its a total different skill. Just like how the fastest rapper is not the best (no i dont love hip hop). There are far to many categories count, but there is a reason stuff like LZ lives forever and bands like Dragon Force will not.
  10. One, didn't gang up on you, and even apologized because all i read was that one post. Only issue i had was the comparison in popularity between Brooks and Zep...which globally is not even close. And i don't like how people are quick to shoot down the value of album sales, concert attendance, and like i said, that doesnt make them great, they're great and that resulted from their brilliance. As far as music, i give the the upmost credit, seems like you know a great deal. I'd say i know a heck of a lot for a 19 year old, but continue to try to learn everyday. I see Page's weakness' too..never said he was the greatest in every single aspect, just overall. I like how you called him the greatest though...score 7 points for you. But in all seriousness, i believe that the good far outweighs the bad and if one wanted to name a greatest..there is certainly enough to give page that honor. And no..Page would not be put to shame if he tried to cover a Hendrix song. First, there is a difference between covering and creating and i've seen people do great jobs of covering both those guys, and im very confident Page could do a great job. And Hendrix would probably be good covering some Zep stuff with enough practice (yea i know he passed). Page is not below Hendrix overall in my opinion, i could understand why some might think Hendrix is, but he's certainly not light years ahead of Jimmy overall.
  11. Fair enough, and you got me...i didn't read the first post. So i apologize for snapping, because Jimmy Page is why i got into music too. Please understand though, im not on here to try to convince people Jimmy is the best...most say he's their favorite and thats cool. Some say you cant rank it like that and even though i disagree, thats fine. Its the people who say other people are greater (now some like Hendrix are certainly as close to Page overall as you get in my opinion), but all i was trying to do is for the people who believe there is someone better, im asking who and why they think that. So far i do not believe there has been enough of a good argument to support anyone being the best as we have stated for Page (that is if you believe in giving a greatest title) which i kind of do. So im gonna be imature for a second and say Go Jimmy Page! and btw... icantquityoubabe...thanks for having my back and thinking the same as me...you rock!
  12. And your point is? Please name one "absolute" I have stated? I've only given my opinion dude. Garth Brooks blowing Page out of the water? Why cause he's sold 10 million more albums in the U.S., yet about 200 million less on a global scale, Brooks lacks global appeal. And that is a more far standard because Zeppelin is only second to the Beatles on a global level of band sales. Why are sports statistics solid and music statistics useless? Anyone who knows sports knows that often the quality of players goes beyond the numbers, although stats are very telling. Same in the case of Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is not the best because they have sold the most albums, They are the best (in the most fair way matter of opinion will take you) and they have sold the most albums as a result of people picking up on that. If your criteria for greatest is Album Sales and Attendance Figures: Zeppelin wins because they averaged the most album sales (per-album) of all time, surpassing the Beatles. They broke Beatles attendance figures and remain the US's largest historical attraction strictly on numbers. If your criteria is legacy and influence: Harder to interpret but reviews, books, Rolling Stone Mag, etc...have spoke volumes about LZ's influence but its more telling when you year it from the countless musicians and Zep-clones. They could very well take that honor as well. If your criteria is music: Just listen, if you don't understand...the Zeppelin has flown right over you. Of if you take the conservative stance that you can't pick a best. Thats fine. But you know what? Many people have done countdowns, surveys, and rankings. Its just human nature to compare. If you believe that Zeppelin is on the same level as quite a few other bands, I think their music has escaped you a bit (although people who believe its more even tend to think their point of view is more logical, which it isn't). But why get offended by people comparing, and the countless legions of us sticking up for and Supporting (the man who doesn't need it) Page as being the best. If you think you cant award that title..fine. But plenty of people see enough brilliance in his work to be bold enough to make these statements. So like i said...if you think a best isn't possible...fine. And if you do think we can compare and contrast...god knows there is enough ammunition to rank Pagey and the band as #1.
  13. Jimi Hendrix was the best "American Guitarist". The most humble people do not credit themselves as being the best. Michael Jordan never credited himself as being the best, and quite often the best say someone else is better, or they could never live up to the legend of so and so. Jimmy Page was being humble and please read the question closer. He asked "American" guitarist. We all know many of the great guitar players, Jimmy included were from the UK.
  14. As far as Page passing by his teachers in a week or two. A few sources on that one. I've heard Jimmy talk about it, and talk about how he was largely self taught with little professional instruction besides those early lessons, of course its hard for me to find exactly what interviews and stuff he said those exact things. Although you can probably learn alot of this stuff from wikipedia, which is usually more accurate then people give it credit for. I never said Pagey was always spot on when playing messed up, 1977 Seatle comes to mind, but usually overall played very well regardless, thats the only thing I tried to point out. If you believe there is no such thing as a "Best Guitarist", thats fine, i could see why come would shy away from that title. But you say with such certainty that its not Jimmy Page. Here us a list that CBS news made a few years ago. Again, many people have done countdowns and when you do this, you have to rank and sometimes even apply the label of best. Now in this case I would say this is one of the most fair professional ranking lists I have seen in recent memory and CBS is reputable, not just a random website. Even though I'd argue for Page above Hendrix, this is still pretty fair overall...
  15. Morrison or Plant? Good question, both are up their. But due to Zeppelin's music, accomplishment, attendance figures, and pure charisma which is hard to say who has more, id have to give the edge to Robert Plant, Jim Morrison never shook 140,000 to their knees. But god do i love Jim Morrison, one of my all time favorites as well.
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