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  1. I saw this tour in Philadelphia in late September or early October 1984. Billy was indeed the headliner of this tour & Ratt opened. Billy opened the show with the second single from Signs of Life album. He recorded the live footage for the song's video that night & played it twice in a row to get plenty of crowd shots. The audience went crazy both times & it was a really party atmosphere throughout the show. Highlights include an almost 8 minute Lonely Is The Night, a great sing along ala Freddie Mercury during The Stroke. Reach For The Sky from SOL was stellar performance as it is on the record. Keep Me Satisfied from Emotions In Motion was a guitar lovers dream, a real show stopper! Even the live version of Rock Me Tonight went down a storm! I saw him again on his next tour in 1989 for Hear N Now & he still delivered. I missed his last tour when he played in Atlantic City while my daughter was being born. I'm quite sure I made the right choice! But should the opportunity arise to see him again, I'm going!
  2. I would have agreed with you for years about this. The spng never moved me, both the studio track & the live title track from the sound track. THEN I saw Page & Plant in Philly in April 1994. When they played that with Jimmy on the double neck I totally fell in love with that song! It gave me new appreciation for this song. Now almost 20 years since that show I still love it. But hands down, my favorite track is, you guessed it.... The Rain Song.
  3. I hate people like that. You should have bet him a thousand dollars & seen if he was as honorable as he was arrogant when you would have proved him so wrong! As far as strange Zep moments, this is a sad one... Aug. 17, 1992. My 24th B-day. Got the call about 1 pm that my Grandmother passed away. We knew it was coming since the cancer had totally overtaken her by then. Anyway to make a long story short. I immediatly left work, got in the car, started it up & then turned on the radio. STH was playing just before the vocals enter. True strory.
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