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  1. I doubt anyone here would dispute that Stairway is a great song, but it doesn't change the fact that Keith Richards is still entitled to his opinion. No-one's obliged to agree with him.
  2. Personally, I don't believe the much-touted 'jealousy' explanation even comes into it. Keith is easily as wealthy as Jimmy, Robert or JPJ, probably even more so. The Stones have their own massive fanbase and like Zep, have made their fair share of classic albums (though arguably not in the last 30 years). He never said that he dislikes the Zep guys as people, just that Stairway to Heaven isn't his cup of tea, which is an opinion he's perfectly entitled to hold. His implied summary (and dismissal) of Zep's catalogue in terms of Stairway was the only vaguely irksome thing he said, I
  3. Oh, Jimmy can be deliciously snarky when he wants to be. There was that quip he made to an irritating Australian chat show host about getting a ten-necked guitar with a rim around it, so he could do cartwheels off the stage...
  4. If Page writes an autobiography, those looking for personal insights into certain contentious issues might well find themselves disappointed. Potentially it's a 'careful what you wish for' scenario, not only because of the (possible) omissions and their repercussions, but because the facts behind some of the inclusions might not be what some readers want to hear either - readers heavily invested in the mystique, for example. I mentioned to one of my friends here recently that Jimmy was perhaps the last person I could see blubbing on Oprah about his "drug hell." I sort of ad
  5. Another brilliant find Otto, thanks! I remember reading this interview on an old Geocities site containing other Zeppelin articles from Creem and Hit Parader, and your post inspired me to track the site down. Many of the links are now dead but there are still some that work. Might be worth taking a look: http://www.geocities.com/brandyzep/zines.htm
  6. Thank you for the link MSG! What a gifted, fascinating woman. I'm assuming she is still alive - is she still drawing? You've probably heard of this site already but if you haven't, here's a link. It features some of my favourite fairy-tale illustrators - Rackham, Dulac and my personal favourite Kay Nielsen. I also like the work of the Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin, but he's not on this site (though I think he should be). http://www.artpassions.net/
  7. Sadly, I am no expert when it comes to the hermetic arts, so you could handle that bit while I scoot off to the kitchen to make us all a lovely cuppa. I'll also fetch a loincloth for Jimmy the Second, to spare the inevitable blushes when he finally comes to in a room full of lady-types ... That painting is great, by the way. Arthur Rackham? It reminds me of his work.
  8. Obviously none of us can see what's in his mind but I don't think he's keen on the idea of touring with Zep - 'touring' being the operative word here. A few isolated gigs here and there, sure, but a fully-fledged Zeppelin tour would be a completely different ballgame to touring with Allison or the Strange Sensation and he knows it. I'm just not convinced he'll want to revisit all that at this point of his life, but I can't see him ruling out the odd concert either.
  9. The quote was definitely in reference to Gillan - Zep's first album had come out and was selling well so the buzz was already beginning to spread. It's also possible that the members of Purple Mk I had somehow crossed paths with Zeppelin in the States, during the latter's early tours. Maybe Blackmore witnessed the Zep audience response first-hand and realised that was where things were headed, hence Mk II?
  10. Well, there was that strange article a few years ago where someone had supposedly put Jimmy's ingrown toenail up for sale. So I have a proposition: 1. Locate toenail. 2. Extract DNA from toenail. 3. Find person on forum who secretly moonlights as a mad scientist, speciality - cloning. 4. Sprinkle DNA with water, Jack and other dubious chemicals and voila! Instant Pagey goodness. (Well, he did say he wanted to photosynthesise like a plant ...)
  11. Found the info. It's from Robert Godwin's Press Reports book (well, it originally appeared in a September 1970 edition of Disc magazine but was reproduced in the Press Reports): New Look - New York Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were in New York this week, having to cancel some concert dates due to the death of John Paul Jones' father. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page both came into Max's Kansas City one night quite late... both sporting new beards and Jimmy Page with short hair! Robert Godwin, Press Reports, pg 141 I know they occasionally visited a club called Nobody's when in New York, as wel
  12. I believe they did visit Max's Kansas City in the very early 70s (it's in one of my books somewhere and the writer made reference to Jimmy's beard, heh) but Max's wasn't a jazz club, it was more an artist's and rock musician's hangout. The Warhol entourage practically lived in the back room. All I know about the trip to Harlem is the incident where John Bonham allegedly pretended to fire a gun at Mick Jagger's limo because he wanted to travel in it.
  13. When you cut your hair the 'waves' get tighter and turn into curls. But yeah, I think he started having perms from about '73 on. Because when you look at pictures of him from '72, his hair is roughly the same length as '73 but has a 'kink' to it rather than a curl. I think he definitely had it permed in the 80s too.
  14. That Arena clip is pure comedy gold. Close your eyes and you'd think it was Nigel Tufnel being interviewed. Am I going to hell for saying that?
  15. Evster, if you need a change of career, can I recommend teaching English as a second language? If you possess a degree or equivalent, it's something to look into and you'll get the chance to see the world if you wish, or else you could stay in the US to teach new arrivals. I quit a job I despised (decent money, but WAY too stressful) to do a teaching course and even though things aren't perfect, I'm a lot more content on the career front, which always makes a difference to one's state of mind. You'd probably need to do a TESL course (which can cost money, but you may get concessions i
  16. *waves at Angel* How are you, chica! Thanks for the kind words. Good to see you around again! MSG - big thanks to you too! I'd like to return the compliment - your posts are always articulate, heartfelt and wise. And yep, please put me down for a villa at the Hermetic Hacienda. Are there any young, gorgeous Jimmy lookalike masseurs on site? Just thinking of my tired old bones and all that.
  17. First of all, Evster, I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through. You're one of the good guys and your contributions are always appreciated. I've been there myself and it seems like things are never going to change, but trust me, they do in time. Even when you get better, however, you'll have 'up' periods and 'down' periods and I suppose the trick is learning how to deal with the downs now, so you're prepared for them next time they hit. I'm not sure how helpful the following will be to you as you've already received some brilliant advice from the folks here but I'd like to tr
  18. I half-expected Elton John and hubby to be there, as those two would turn up to the opening of an envelope. And yeah, Johnny Depp was another I thought might be there but wasn't. Now if I'd been sitting next to him ... *edited for seriously rude thoughts* Didn't hear anything about Jack White being there either, and I'd have assumed he was a cert.
  19. Bottom line - all major concerts have VIPs in attendance. Period. Some of those VIPs will be fans, some will only be there for the photo ops and free champagne. And it wasn't any different in the 1970s, either. I was surprised because people I'd considered dead certs to attend were nowhere to be seen. There were actually FEWER celebs in attendance than I'd anticipated. It was said from the start that X number of tickets would be set aside for family and friends of the band, X amount for VIPs, X amount for corporate hospitality and the remainder for the ticket ballot. If they'
  20. In my experience, a lot of the people I knew who 'grew out' of Zep (or other bands, come to that) were rarely into them for the right reasons to begin with - maybe they just had a crush on a member and only thought they were into the music as a result of the crush. So when the crush faded, so did their interest in the band's music, since it was never really about that for them anyway. Or they were attracted by the mystique - they liked the thought of Jimmy Page living in a haunted castle at Loch Ness or startling unsuspecting journalists by swinging bat-like from hotel chandeliers, beca
  21. Was Jimmy actually in Carter and the Southerners at that time? Even though he ended up in a few of their photos I was under the impression he just did some sessions with them. I don't think he was actually a full-time member of any band in the years between Neil Christian and the Yardbirds.
  22. Jimmy's silence on the subject is weirdly refreshing when you compare it with today's celebs, who seem to thrive on playing out their meltdowns in public. Whether it's because the media enjoys hounding people to a greater extent than back in the day, or the musicians themselves are more into exploiting or even exaggerating their addictions in return for additional column inches, I couldn't say but I suspect the latter plays a huge part. I suppose Jimmy's a prime example of how it's possible to clean up away from the spotlight, since it's not at all certain how he did it - all we know is th
  23. It's all so clear now! New King James = James = Jimmy = EVIL I should go to bed.
  24. Oh my God, I've been looking for the full version of this interview series for YEARS. Thank you, Otto!
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