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  1. Good list, but 'they were considered hyped-up and greedy' was a media perception, not a weakness.
  2. People who let fashion dictate their tastes usually don't have the propensity for taste to begin with. I know Zeppelin isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but there's a huge distinction between those who dislike them and can give a reasoned justification for doing so, no matter how personal, and those who are simply being reactionary for the sake of it (often without having heard a note of their music).
  3. I believe they were planning a world tour for late '75 through 1976 which would have taken them back to Japan, Australia plus a few other places they'd never visited before, but then the Rhodes accident happened and those plans were derailed.
  4. The book looks utterly beautiful and I'm positive Jimmy will be over the moon when he receives it. Awesome job, Page's Angel! Also, good point about the fans rarely getting the chance to pay tribute in print - and now, thanks to this book, they can!
  5. This is a tough call. Whoever said that PG's musical peaks were better than Exile's is correct, but Exile always lifts my mood whenever I play it, something that only happens sometimes with PG. As for Sticky Fingers, a comparison with the fourth album might make more sense - both came out in 1971, are single albums and are generally considered to represent the high watermark of each band's output.
  6. This is a good idea in theory and might have worked 15 years ago with a mail-order set up but anyone can find these answers in a few clicks of a mouse now we have the internet - there are so many information-packed sites around these days that it's not difficult to find answers to even the geekiest of questions, given a little time. Though I think you're correct in suggesting that some of the less serious applicants would probably just go 'sod it' when faced with a barrage of questions!
  7. Sorry it's late but hope you had a good one Jimmy! *raises toast*
  8. For me it's probably a toss-up between the Keith Shadwick book, the Richie Yorke book and Robert Godwin's Press Reports. The latter's a collection of articles and interviews with the band so in effect it's the band telling their own story as it unfolded.
  9. In that case, you probably had tix for the '77 Superdome show that was cancelled after Robert's son passed away.
  10. I'm going to risk having my head ripped off here by saying that I don't think he's classically handsome. However, classical handsomeness is overrated IMO and dull as ditchwater. Jimmy is handsome in a unique, impossible to define way. I never get tired of looking at pictures of him like I would, say, David Beckham or someone else who's generally regarded as classically good-looking - there's just something about Jimmy that draws you in. Something about his elusiveness, his grace and elegance, his voice and eyes and hair and the way they all come together. He has a beautiful smile as wel
  11. Is he the one who's banging on about it or is it the media? He might want to drum for Zeppelin but that doesn't mean he thinks he should. I like Dave Grohl but the only chance he'd have of playing for Zeppelin would be if Jason Bonham wasn't a drummer.
  12. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. You didn't cheat anyone - the tout did, and you never know, it might not have been a tout who received your passcode originally anyway - it could have been another fan who wasn't able to attend for whatever reason and had to sell both tickets. At least by buying the passcode, you ensured two fans got to go instead of just one. Confession time - I purchased a guest ticket but held out for a long time before succumbing because I wanted to play by the rules and see if I was successful in the second and third ballots (I wasn't). As the 10th approached,
  13. I'd say there was a lack of clear communication at the start, before the ballot - the rule stating that the purchaser must match the registrant and so on. Of course these rules ended up not being enforced - and often with good reason, as lots of people genuinely required someone else to register and/or pay in their stead - but no-one knew that at the time and if this had been made clear from the start, then it might have deterred those touts who put in 1,000s of entries, though of course you're going to get isolated people wanting or needing to sell their spares. Unfortunately, this situat
  14. It didn't affect the show itself but I still think it would have been better if more lower tier seats had been made available to actual fans - I'm not inferring that there were NO fans whatsoever in the corporate blocks (I'm aware some genuine fans did actually fork out thousands for corporate hospitality tickets) but there was sufficient evidence to suggest that many of the "white shirts" in attendance didn't particularly care about being there for Zep or for the tribute - the long-vacated seats and constant trips to the bar, for example. If the corporate block were there mainly for the
  15. That's fascinating! I wasn't aware he'd written poetry. Thank you Steve - you really are a goldmine of interesting facts!
  16. Sorry for dredging up an oldish thread but this interests me as well. I remember reading some discussion about the 'Barrington Colby' guy who did the Hermit painting for the fourth album. The gist of it was that no-one had managed to find any other works by him or any other information and it was speculated that BC might have been a pseudonym for Jimmy. I personally doubt he'd have had the time to do it, though.
  17. All I know is that the vast majority of seated ticket holders I spoke to on the day were in the upper tiers - and I conversed with a LOT of people. I attended as a purchaser's guest so I wasn't aware of the specifics of purchasing, but I got the impression that almost everyone with seated tickets had only been offered upper tier seats at the point of purchase. Don't know how true this is but that's the impression I got.
  18. It might be good if Ebay were to do something like that regarding the sale of concert tickets. Instead of having auctions, they could establish a rule whereby all spare tickets are sold as "Buy now", at face value only. That would at least deter the scalpers from attempting to sell theirs on Ebay as they wouldn't be making a profit. On the downside, this method doesn't stop touts from purchasing the tickets in the first place, then flogging them outside the venue on the day for big bucks. Regarding the atmosphere inside the 02 ... it was great but it might have been better if the
  19. What I like about the Keith Shadwick book is the author's impartiality and fairness. He gives credit without spinning into over-the-top fanboy mode, and refrains from drawing on the mythos or the personalities when making criticisms. Even though he's obviously familiar with the music side of things (as a musicologist of sorts), he had no prior direct connection to Led Zeppelin and I think this helped the book in some ways - there was no risk of his judgement being compromised by exposure to personalities within the band. A lesser writer might be tempted to fill this kind of gap with conj
  20. You're right. Everyone has a 'time' and there's no point hankering after what's gone as you could be missing the great stuff right in front of you. I had some mad times in the late 80s and early 90s even though the scene I was involved in was different in some ways. It doesn't seem as big as the Zeppelin thing now but at the time it felt just as significant to the participants, myself included, as the Zeppelin thing no doubt felt to the participants in that particular scene. *I still wish I'd been born 15-20 years earlier though sometimes, hehe*
  21. and I totally agree. The 70s strike me as an exploratory period where no-one knew or cared where the boundaries were - in many ways, the boundaries weren't set until later on. Any rock star basking in unlimited wealth and the personal power that came with it would be tempted to live like a Roman Emperor. Probably not all the time, but some of it. And inevitably, there'd be unpleasant stuff going on alongside the exhilarating stuff. When you've got 20,000 people worshipping at your feet night after night, you're going to find it pretty hard to come back down to earth. I w
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