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  1. And all thoes tears that filled your eyes.

  2. i think you can see what ive done here,,,,,,, if i could play an instrument, id would call my tribute band this...... just a thought............ alan
  3. me too........... there is no god thingy or jesus person
  4. some times when you cry.. nobody see your tears when your worried.. nobody sees the pain when your happy..nobody sees you smile BUT JUST TRY FARTING.... AND SEE THE ATTENTION YOU GET!!!!!!!!
  5. been back at work, i love my work,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and simply waking up
  6. yeah good thinking batman, enjoy yourself,,, im sure you will, hope everyone enjoys thereselves.......... hope theres no hiccups....... alan
  7. arnt you off out for a beer pilot? that will make you sleep mate
  8. yeah iknow that, but i could save the sound, and use it as ringtone, wwhat a memory that would be, everytime my mobile rang!........alan
  9. yeah but it would be so exciting, and i dont want anyone to ring me, put there mobile next to a speaker and me hear...... tsrts sound track! because i will be able to tell, HA!...... ALAN
  10. have you guys who are at the arena getting tickets taken your laptop with you or are you replying from internet cafes, just wondererd......... alan
  11. eh- up hang howz tha doin yeah i know shitty brid, and i think i know were the pub is, might have a trip up there make sure i put me thermals on!, i actually live in beverley, but work in hull.... alan
  12. ............ so you can ring me about 10 o clock on monday night so i can hear the concert, pretty please!!!!!!!!... it will only cost a mere thruppence! ha!...... i await you kind replies ..... oh by the way could you ring me while they are playing rain song...... many thanks........ alan
  13. het hang-man, i live in hull, where abouts is " identity" , your tatts are amazing...... alan
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