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  1. In the evening stills blows me away every time i listen to it. Everything about it is awesome, the lyrics, vocal handling, drums, guitar everything. I can still remember being blown away the first time that cassette popped in my cheap stereo that christmas. I get that feeling just about every time i hear it... still. I just can't believe anyone is listing You Shook Me.
  2. Hot Dog is number one on the I can't listen to it list. Tied for number 2&3 are Livin' Lovin' Maid and Stairway to Heaven simply because my local radio station has played them out so much I can't bear to listen to them for the zillionth time each, gawd.
  3. Don't know if anyone has said it yet but..... Just A Fool In The Rain?
  4. Quite honestly, some of the greatest artist of all time were Bi-Polar. While on the high end of the Bi-Polar swing they write, paint, write music or whatever in great abundance and with great focus. The Bi-polar driven focus often leads to great results. The problem is when they swing the other way the destructive behavior kicks in as they get depressed and moody. When the disease is controlled properly the self destructive side can be stopped and tho the person may not get manic and write or paint as much, they will still be able to do so, perhaps not with as much output. BTW Morrison's "Poetry" is totally over-rated IMO. His voice? It fits his band, but I don't know that he had great range or that he knew how to use his voice as an instrument the way Robert Plant has. JM was a showman and a performance artist of sorts. A great one at that. Robert Plant is an artist and a tremendously talented singer. Listen to The Strange Sensation album, In Through the Out Door and Presence and even Raising Sands and you can see he knows how to use his voice as an instrument. Morrison, while an intruiging persona, could not hold a candle to him vocally.
  5. I always thought that Plants voice sounds a bit worn out on TSRTS, like it needed a rest. Still great, but not Plant's best. He sounds better on HTWWW. I prefer TSRTS over HTWWW tho I think HTWWW is a better snapshot of the mighty Zeppelin in concert. Better vocals and everything. I suppose if I hadn't been listening to TSRTS since I was a teenager, I'd give HTWWW the nod, but I just feel more "at one" with TSRTS. Does that sound odd?
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