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  1. "Mr. Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina. Mr Dobalina, Mr Bob Dobalina" "China Clipper calling Alemeda, China Clipper calling Alemeda" "Nevermind the furthermore, the plea for self defense. Nevermind the furthermore, the plea for self defense" "It is of my opinion the people are attending. It is of my opinion, the people are attending"
  2. Now that is cool! Such an adventure.
  3. Scratchy......you are cute *smootchies*
  4. Midnight Rambler - Rolling Stones
  5. Hi! I'm known in real life as Dagan....from Ft Worth Tx. Usually hot here. Managed to miss all of the Zep concerts that came through Dallas/Ft Worth through the years, but got to see Robert Plant 2 years ago. Awesome! I usually travel in and out of the board. It's good to see old friends as well as new ones to meet. The new site freaked me out...thought I had gotten the boot!
  6. mmm I'm having salad and fresh fruit....with a virgin mary
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