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  1. well, I'm not saying that it's true... totally hearsay. but what if they book 5 nights there?
  2. a friend went and saw Van Halen at Mohegan, and he had a chance to speak with a person in booking, who said that they have confirmed dates for Zeppelin.
  3. Time fades Away and Tonight's the Night are also amazing... plus, any boots you can get are amazing. everything he does is honest. he is unclassifiable in any genre, even as he reinvents the genres he tackles. the guy is just a force.
  4. agreed, the Black Crowes would be perfect. The White Stripes would be cool, too.
  5. TSRTS - I don't have the new one yet - I'm just going on my vinyl copy. because of No Quarter, and SRTS/Rain Song, it cannot be topped.
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