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  1. it doesn't seem so... "Further Details: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced DVD ($27.96) and Blu-ray ($37.95) releases of It Might Get Loud which looks at the electric guitar from the point of view of three rock musicians: The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White. The documentary will be available to own from the 22nd December. The only extra will be a Toronto Film Festival Press Conference featurette."
  2. Hi! I'm from Genova (Genoa)

  3. Hi, where in Italy are you from? My dad was born in Padula.

  4. anadriewen

    New photos.

    sad people who run fan sites ? I don't think so... if you don't like this why do you publish your photos on an internet site ? Keep them in a safe...
  5. Hi all! I've read that the price could be 49.000 £... Even if I could afford this, I'll never buy it. After all we are talking about a replica and I don't care if it's tested and signed by Jimmy. Jimmy is and will always be my guitar guru but I prefer a standard Les Paul and my personal customisation. Sorry for my poor english.
  6. 49. The first time I heard Led Zeppelin, I think I was 12. They changed my life, really
  7. Oh my God; I hope not ! without Robert voice a tour will have no sense...
  8. Hi! you can find other pictures here: http://www.led-zeppelin.it/approfondimenti...amp;prefix=byar
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