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  1. "What about David Coverdale?" HA! It's endearing how Dave's completely unconvincing as the navelgazing tool going solo in his new enlightened state. He just doesn't seem to have that kind of air about him at all. Glad they're together, but hoping for some TCV side projects as well . I've been watching their Sonic Highways series (about half way through) and am very much enjoying the musical journey. Interesting idea well done.
  2. Listen to an excerpt of Robert's contribution, "The Blanket of Night" (Elbow), on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robertplant/
  3. Speaking of Tinariwen, they've also released a snippet on their Facebook about their part in The Long Road: https://www.facebook.com/tinariwenmusic/?fref=ts
  4. Some more info about Ayman Hirh and his family whose plight Kindness has recounted above and recorded for the forthcoming album: Powerful Street Art Mural Documents Family's Escape From Syria Ayman Hirh fled Damascus with his wife and two young sons in 2011. 03/01/2016 10:59 am ET Lee Moran Trends Editor, The Huffington Post A striking street art mural in England documents a family's escape from war-torn Syria. The poignant portrait of Ayman Hirh, who fled Damascus with his wife and two young sons in late 2011, was painted by London-based gr
  5. HA! Have you tried it?! Sounds like great fun, BUT only if it doesn't have to be preceded by a naked roll around in the snow. Now a streak across the snow to the sauna in the dead of night maybe... Compared to the last time I posted here, it's a balmy -1C with some 'wintry mix' setting in later this morning. Far too warm for any Finnish shenanigans
  6. A couple of shows have been booked for August: Meersburg Schlossplatz, Meersburg, Germany (2-8-2016): 02.12.2016 LED ZEPPELIN SINGER ROBERT PLANT IS IN SUMMER IN MEERSBURG BE SINGLE GERMANY CONCERT! Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant are in the summer in Meersburg his only concert in Germany! All good things come in threes: Meersburg Open Air was first expanded this summer to a total of three concert days. Besides Sarah Connor (3:08.) And Rea Garvey (04:08.) Will be his only concert in Germany in the summer of 2016 on the Palace Square, the legendary Led Zeppelin singer
  7. Somehow I forgot to add extra info about the July 1 show which will be part of the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium (June 30 - July 3, 2016): Robert Plant will always be known as Led Zeppelin’s frontman. From 1968 until 1980 the British foursome was the ultimate rock band; successful, influential, and loud. In his solo career, Plant has chosen adventure as often as possible. His life mantra: ‘Dig deep and celebrate the past. But beware of nostalgia and keep it fresh’. No sooner said than done. ‘Raising Sand’ (2007), a collaboration with American singer and violinist Alison Krauss,
  8. ^ That's awesome! It's self-serving, but I mean it sincerely when I say good luck to the Rangers!
  9. I'm having 'submit reply' issues. The first time was in the 'Stairway lawsuit' thread where I posted two replies but the second (an article) ended up being a copy of the first (response to two posters). Just now I was in the 'classical music thread' and upon pressing the reply button ended up in the 'Rival Sons' thread with nothing posted in the classical one. In both instances a repost was necessary. Just a head's up for people to save their wordier posts lest they lose their thoughts.
  10. Appreciate it, FavouriteTipple, my pleasure . It's fun to get a glimpse of the atmosphere and music. The next best thing to being there (even if the heat we have to imagine).
  11. Decades Later, 'Stairway to Heaven' Still in Dispute Commentary by James G. Sammataro, Daily Business Review February 19, 2016 Randy California always said so. A guitar virtuoso discovered by Jimi Hendrix at age 15, California plucked a distinct guitar line on his band's 1968 instrumental "Taurus" that reminds some of a guitar line from Led Zeppelin's 1971 smash hit "Stairway to Heaven." Until his death in 1997, California refused to sue. He just wanted an artist's fair recognition: a liner credit, a thank you and a significant footnote in rock 'n' roll lore. Unconstrained b
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I will. There's a video posted a couple of times in this thread that chronicles that progression going back to classical music compositions, I just don't have the time to peruse and find it at the moment. But it speaks to your point and that of several others who have given examples of similarities not only with this particular note sequence, but others as well, none of which drew law suits. Even Randy California himself didn't sue, but he thought he ought to have been given some form of recognition, which, with all due respect, I still disagree with given that sequ
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