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  1. I really can't remember the first time I heard Zeppelin, probably when I was in the womb since my mom was a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Zeppelin fan. I was born in 76 and Zep was riding high, and Mom had buttloads of Zeppelin 8 tracks. I think I became aware of Zeppelin and who they were at 3 or 4. Still didn't know what they looked like, but I could pick out a Zep song from a mile away. And immediately start acting like I was on crack lmao. I learned to sing their songs at the same time I was learning to talk, and have been imitating Robert Plant ever since. I'm 34 years old now and my love for the
  2. Yeah, screw that!! lol. I've been looking on here for days and I'll probably never see everything on here in my lifetime. So if I post something redundant, just bear with me lol.
  3. It wasn't just one band that facilitated the rise of heavy metal as a genre. All the major players in that have already been mentioned. In my opinion hard rock/heavy metal in general wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for both Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. I don't consider either a metal band per se. Black Sabbath is more like a proto-metal band, and Zeppelin made it ok for Middle America to listen to heavy music. The line from today's metal to their faint beginnings can be traced further till you reach Leadbelly, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. And neither of those is heavy metal, but
  4. Awesome!! I'd never seen this before. Is it just me, or does it look like a bird has nested in Robert's prodigious hair? lol
  5. It was Robert doing the riding. He grew up in a rural area with farms and whatnot. I also read somewhere that it was Robert. Maybe a magazine or Hammer of the Gods, can't really remember lol.
  6. Is it weird that this made me happy in the face? And the pants..lol..
  7. There's some awesome work in this thread. Here's my Swan Song tattoo. And a quick sketch done in Corel Painter of Robert Plant. I was playing with some of the different brushes and effects on there, and a different way of shading than I normally use. About 20 minutes and a few beers lol.
  8. Wow, those are really good, and funny! Awesome! I might have to do some Zep comics when I get the time, I did a Whatever Happened To Billy Corgan comic that was routinely hated by the most hardcore Pumpkins fans lmao!
  9. Kitty in the pantry pic is awesome! lol! Time for some cat soup. And thanks, that cat is such a diva. She's the most beautiful and important thing in the universe in her own mind. Me an' Splotch. Love that kitty.
  10. Well, if anyone's interested here's my myspace page--> http://www.myspace.com/zandoz This thread kinda makes me go, "DADDY, NO!!!!"
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