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  1. Beavertown is an amazing brewery and probably *the* most dynamic of all the hundreds of new craft brewers that have sprung up in the UK over the last 5 years or so. I made a small profit out of some shares I bought in Camden Brewery when they recently sold out to Anheuser Busch (boo!) and decided I'd like to put the money into Beavertown. Their social media girl said 'we aren't looking to sell any equity at the moment but perhaps you would like to invest in the company via the medium of our delicious range of craft beers' Black Betty - a black IPA - is probably my favourite beer around at the moment. The boy done good.
  2. I admire his stance. Seems very respectful of the band's legacy. There was a quote of his when Robbie sang with the others something like 'you can't replace someone like Freddie Mercury - and certainly not with HIM!'
  3. Ok guys, I reckon now this is getting awfully close to stalking! Nevertheless the photo of him laughing is just so uplifting - the look on his face is just so joyful. Better even than his enthusiasm towards Heart at the Obama gig. Love it.
  4. The picture was posted by her husband Apparently a friend of hers knows Jimmy and the photo was taken during a meal at Carluccios in South Ken. JP went to a poetry reading afterwards.
  5. Leave it - she's taken http://instagram.com/p/goNGoAK_7o/
  6. What a lovely photo! Where is that exactly?
  7. So we don't think he'll join the Space Shifters gig at the Albert Hall then?
  8. I agree with virtually all of this. I enjoyed the gig and the new material, but I wasn't keen on Robert taking a back seat as often as he did. And I really didn't feel Patty worked anywhere near as well as Alison - made me really appreciate just how good Alison was.
  9. I'm there. Rang the Forum this morning to check on support and set times but there's nobody there as tonight the venue's fallow
  10. Has anyone actually received their presale code yet?
  11. Playing Wembley is the oddest of decisions. Firstly, I'll be surprised if it sells out. I'm not sure Robert on his own is big enough to sell Wembley. Adding in Alison may bring in country fans, but it will also lose some fans of Robert who would rather hear blues or rock. Secondly, as mentioned here, the venue just seems far too cold and acoustically inappropriate for this kind of music. All I can think is that either he wants to get the tour over as quickly as possible, going for a few big venues, so that he can tour with LZ (!) or he is going to announce some smaller club venues to precede the Stadium venues - I'd expect this so he and her can practice live.
  12. That must be gutting Bad luck. Yes I entered about 20 times but I was way out - my lowest unique number was 602. My first bids were in the 2700s and 1700s. I've obviously got a lot to learn
  13. .... and what was their bid? I gather it was announced on air this evening.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. It doesn't sound like this is another ballot, but that a significant people have been picked off for the mailing. I know the chances of getting tickets were slim, but with every ballot I've held out hope, only to hear nothing at all. This does make me wonder whether I was ever in the draw
  15. I'd get in touch with the guy above. You sound bonkers enough to pay $3,000
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