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  1. to be absolutely honest with you folks, I think it is OK to continue as a band without Plant and with ah replacement singer. Bands move along and change, and a change in sound may have some very nice results. They are a different band and very much different people now compared to 30 years ago so let them be.
  2. Just heard Trampled Underfoot. Definitely a whammy pedal.
  3. Unfortunately, your source is The Sun, which is a tabloid magazine known for fabricating stories for entertainment. So it's not true. A few hours ago I read a story like that on a similar website about them confirming that they're touring, and releasing tour dates.
  4. US Charts: Blame it on the Rain, Milli Vanili UK Charts: You Got It (The Right Stuff) - New Kids On The Block SAD.
  5. I'm going to guess they did that becuase of robert's voice. I can't think of another reason why they would do it.
  6. If you guys have some of the clips on your hard drive, you can send them to me and I'll upload them onto my webspace for all to download. It should be a lot more secure and faster than rapidshare or youtube. Send them to timboh56@gmail.com
  7. Yeah, i saw the video. It's a bit short, I think it's good. he makes a few mistakes here and there, there's a lack of the magic he had during the 70s, but he's in his 60s for crying out loud. Great solo still.
  8. I am offended to see you say that. I have every one of their albums. THey mostly specialize in the hard rock arena, and if I were to generalize their music in a few words, I think my statement would be quite accurate. They're not known for being a melodic band, they're known for being a hard rock band. I've played all my love on the keyboard a few times, the other songs are all really good too. If you hear an average listener of music talk about zeppelin, one of the first things he may say about zeppelin is that they are a hard rock band which basically created the bedrock of al
  9. The Beatles are most certainly more influential and 'greater' than Zeppelin, no question. The Beatles was the bedrock of all popular music today- they took experimentation to a unprecedented fearless stage, innovated and practically created the rock and roll sound for the generations to come. Without the beatles, there would be no rock as we know it and we would still be mostly playing boogie woogie with Chuck berry and Elvis. Aside from that, Beatles songs are among the world's most popular, next to the obvious tunes everyone knows by Mozart and Beethoven and bach blah blah. Beatles' melodies
  10. I think he means range as in how much he can play, the variety of stuff he can play.
  11. Page's technical skills are very average and sometimes lackluster. He doesn't have much speed, and when he tries to play fast, he is very, very sloppy (heartbreaker solo, especially live). He generally is a very sloppy guitarist, but it's part of his style. He wouldn't be the same if he was clean. His sound is generally very dirty, raw, "improvised" and sloppy. I wouldn't like him as much he didnt have such a distinctive sound.
  12. I don't like to compare, but here are two guitarists I believe are more technically and musically accomplished than pagey. Jimi Hendrix This guy's playing is so unbelievable. Listening to him is like elevating yourself beyond reality. It's a blend of so much and so unrestrictive to formats. His rythm part is like his solo part, and vice versa. There is so much in his playing, it's beyond just playing something to a chord structure. The little notes he adds here and there can change so much about the song. Steve Vai A modern genius. Just because he did not play in the 60s or make
  13. Do I Creep You Out- weird Al
  14. Love Weezer. One of the better alternative rock bands.
  15. This is very hard.....I would usually go with Lennon or some member of the Beatles, or Elvis, but there is one that comes ahead.
  16. Oh, neoclassical metal, I thought you were talking about neoclassical as in igor Stravinsky. I used to listen to a bit of it. Yngwie Malmsteen is great at first, but I slowly got bored of him. My reccommendation is Jason Becker, his style is more interesting and refreshing and not just a rundown of every minor scale in the universe.
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