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  1. i used to like it when i was younger but i just can't really get into it anymore. i need a girl to wrong me lol
  2. i really never get tired of this song and I can really relate to it.
  3. It's been a long time since the last time i've done these lol Anyways copied from wikipedia: English rock band Led Zeppelin recorded "I Can't Quit You Baby" for their multi-platinum 1969 debut album Led Zeppelin.[6][7] Their rendition generally follows Otis Rush's 1966 Vanguard version, but with different instrumentation and dynamics.[8] It also incorporates a break during the guitar solo where Jimmy Page plays a four-bar unaccompanied set-up before relaunching into the solo. Although missing the turnaround coming out of the solo, "I Can't Quit You Baby" "ends up as one of the most successful pieces on the first album, with no flat spots and a perfectly symmetrical form, all within the classic blues tradition."[8] Led Zeppelin regularly performed "I Can't Quit You Baby" in concert from 1968 to early 1970.[9] Two live versions from 1969 are included on the 1997 Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions. A performance of the song on 9 January 1970 at Royal Albert Hall is included on the 2003 Led Zeppelin (DVD) (an edited version of this performance was released on the 1982 Coda album). In 1970, the song was dropped from Led Zeppelin's typical concert lineup as they incorporated material from Led Zeppelin III into their shows, with "I Can't Quit You Baby" essentially being replaced by "Since I've Been Loving You." It was however revived as part of the "Whole Lotta Love" medley during some Led Zeppelin concerts in 1972 and 1973.[9] The song was rehearsed by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin for the 14 May 1988 Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Celebration, but was not performed during the event.[9]
  4. wow i didn't know there was already a DVD. i have a birthday soon that's going to be at the top of my list. I have TSRTS, led zeppelin (2003) and no quarter already. huge fan of Jimmy Page and Jack White... the U2 guy not so much. U2 kinda... sucks.
  5. personally I think Communication Breakdown sounds more punk than metal. And it pre-dates the year punk broke ('76) by 8 years.
  6. This is now my 2nd favorite song on their first album after Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (3rd is probably Dazed and Confused). According to Wikipedia it's the only song played every year they toured. Opinions? Trivia? Anything else to add?
  7. I just was jamming to Trampled Underfoot (studio version) a little while ago. I think that's it for today. I listened to a lotta led yesterday though.
  8. maybe some of their instrumental stuff. like Black Mountain Side. The Rover also comes to mind, even though I dislike that song. Maybe No Quarter... the theme is dark but it's the only song I can think of that mentions winter. The Song Remains the Same. Baby Come On Home.
  9. This time I just decided to copy/paste some stuff from wikipedia: As far as my opinion on the song I love it. It's beautiful and relaxing and I don't think it's ever annoyed me. What's frustrating is the end of Your Time is Gonna Come bleeds into the beginning of the song, and as I said in the last topic YTIGC is my least favorite song on the album.
  10. Your Time Is Gonna Come... This is my least favorite song on their first album. At first I loved it but after 9 or 10 listens It started to annoy me... I'm glad Jonesy decided to stop doing acoustic organs because, as he put it, it sounds too "churchy". This is the only zep song with acoustic organs. Opinions? Trivia? Anything else to add?
  11. I didn't even do prior research for this one. Didn't feel like it because I already know so much. What I don't know is who made the original. The original was covered by The Yardbirds in their live acts while Jimmy Page was in the band. I believe it was called "I'm So Confused" at some point. Page used the bow on it and took the song to be used with his new band. Live versions of the song can last a very long time (20 minutes +). I think it's a great song, maybe my second favorite after Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. Feels good to play it when I have frustrations with women. I think I liked it more when I was a bit younger though. Still love it but it doesn't do the same for me now as it did then. Opinions? Anything to add?
  12. where on the album do you think it would fit best? personally I think it would've fit nicely between Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and Hats Off to (Roy) Harper
  13. Finally day 3. I've been sick... Day 3: You Shook Me. It's the first of many bluesy Led Zeppelin songs. I just gave the original a listen for this topic. Led Zeppelin really put more life into the song and added a new twist with page and plant's back and forth parts. I think AC/DC's cover is alright but not near as good as Led Zeppelin's. Overall I think this is a great song. Thoughts? Anything else to add?
  14. forgot about that one. it was written by her and her husband. well it's been 24 hours since I made this topic. I think i'm going to hold on out track three (you shook me), not many people have replied to this one. there's got to be something more to add, if nothing else just your own opinions on the song. What did members of the band think of this song? why did they stop playing it live?
  15. This is my personal favorite song off of their first album. Jimmy Page has said much about the band's use of light and shade and this song is the perfect example of that. It was originally a folk song by Anne Bredon, covered by Joan Baez. The members of Led Zeppelin heard the Joan Baez version and assumed that the song was traditional, only to find out the hard way that it in fact was an original song by Anne Bredon. This I'm sure most or all of you already know. I can't think of any other Led Zeppelin song that originally was sung by a woman. I also can't think of any other zep tune where Jimmy Page plays something that sounds like Spanish guitar. anything else to add?
  16. I think it's good idea to have a detailed topic about every song, so it will be searchable in the archives for years to come and also be as detailed a discussion with as much trivia and knowledge about a song as possible in a thread. So, we start off with "Good Times, Bad Times". To me, though it's a great song, it sounds like it would kind of blend in with the rest of the late 60's blues revival music. It sounds ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Imo it's the perfect start to the album because at first it sounds like not anything special - a typical rock song of the time with a backing chorus. Then it explodes at about the 1:30 mark and it's pure kick you in the ass Led Zeppelin music, led by Page's guitar solo then goes back to an ordinary chorus only to return with singing that's a lot more crazy, starting with "I know what it means to be alone..." What do you think about the song? What trivia can you share about it? I've heard several times that there's a special thing bonham does that's hard to pull off. I'm not sure exactly where that can be heard in the song though. I don't really know much about technique.
  17. I'd like to learn more about this myself. I made a topic similar but received useless responses... Anyways after the voice change there seems to be a few times where he can still sound close to how he did pre 73. Achilles Last Stand, for instance.
  18. something very similar to that happened on the show Heroes. I would travel to see Led Zeppelin at concert at various times of their career. 1968 before they were officially known as Led Zeppelin, 1969 in America, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1980. I would also try to prevent Bonham from dying in 1980, and Lennon too. Then I would travel to the late 80's to see my second favorite band: Nirvana. I would go to their very first concert at a house party in '88, South America in 1992, Unplugged in 1993 (even though i've seen it many times on DVD) and their last concert in early 1994 in Europe(funny how my two favorite bands both ended in tragedy following European tours).
  19. I don't understand why this is put on the newbies forum. I've been posting on this forum for nearly 2 years now. I've been a casual zep fan since the 90's and a hardcore led head since 2002 or so. It's just that the evolution of Plant's voice still fascinates me.
  20. Jimmy Page > Robert Plant imo He was the architect of Led Zeppelin and imo the best guitarist ever. He's way more likable too.
  21. When I play Led Zeppelin material there are three Robert Plants I hear. 1968-1969 (very soulful and bluesy - from the beginning until their third album), 1970 - 1973 (high pitched, more unique sounding -starting with Immigrant Song and ending with Houses of the Holy album) 1974 - present (aged sounding - no more shrill sounds and sort of scratchy - starting with the new material on Physical Graffiti) Anyhow Led Zeppelin's latter stuff sounds like it should be a LOT more later than it is. Even though Plant was only 30 when they recorded their last studio album he sounds more like 50. So in a weird way it kind of sounds like they had a full career. Rather than 12 years sounds more like 30 year span in the difference between Good Times Bad Times and In the Evening.
  22. Maybe they're working on a The Song Remains The Same kind of schedule... take three years to release it and have to re-film footage.
  23. That review sums up pretty much exactly how I felt about it when I saw it a few weeks ago. Save for the fact that I wasn't seeing it for the White Stripes' Jack White; I was mainly seeing it for Page, though I love Jack White too and am a fan of the White Stripes. Fuck U2 though. Seriously. They suck (save for Sunday Bloody Sunday and a handful of 80's songs). I sorta rolled my eyes and checked my watch whenever a scene with The Edge came on. My respect and love for Page went up considerably after seeing that movie even though I'm already a huge fan. That scene with him doing air guitar to Link Wray's rumble was perfect.
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