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  1. my personal favorite is Stone Temple Pilot's Dancing Days. It's the only cover I've heard that just might've surpassed the original. I love how they went their own way with it and made it a very different song: other good ones: Tool's No Quarter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdQGSykj6vo Kashmir by Maynard James Keenan (of Tool and APC) & Janes Addiction (live) Godsmack's Good Times Bad Times: (music starts at around :40) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiePlaBZv0 I also like Nirvana's covers (they're not very good but Nirvana's my second favorite band, these were all played long before Nirvana became famous so are unfortunately pre- Dave Grohl... ) Immigrant Song (probably their most well known zep cover): Heartbreaker (at their first ever concert): How Many More Times (jam - same concert as above): Dazed and Confused: another cover that's worth a listen (and viewing) is Stefani Germanotta (later known as Lady Gaga) covering D'yer Maker:
  2. Prodigy. I'm pretty sure one of the members of Led Zeppelin (can't remember who) spoke very highly of them about 10 years ago.
  3. I think it's that the four members' chemistry is so great and also because all 4 are arguably the most talented musicians in their fields. Many have said JPJ is the best bassist, that Bonzo is the best drummer, that Page is the best guitarist and that Plant is the best singer. You just don't have such quality and talent in every member of the band. Usually there's one or two that are really talented and the others are good but not great.
  4. I for one think it's crap. I think the new stuff from No Quarter was very good and has a very Led Zeppelin sound but Walking into Clarksdale sounds awful. I think it was a mistake to have Steve Albini produce it. Page should always produce his material. Page's guitar playing is not prominent enough. There's no riff or musical arrangement that I can groove to like there is with every Led Zeppelin song. Also Plant's singing and the lyrics are kind of blah, like the worst of his solo career.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic or not. Anyways I was wondering if some of the folks who were fans of Led Zeppelin in the 70's could share how they felt about Led Zeppelin at the time. I wasn't even born until 1984 so I'm curious what the experience was like when Bonzo's heart was still beating. Here are some starter questions but feel free to add more: What did you think of their albums as they came out? Which ones met and exceeded your expectations and which ones didn't? If you went to a concert, what was it like? How frustrating was it that Led Zeppelin rarely did interviews? What was your reaction when you first heard news of Plant's car accident? What was it like in late 1977 when it was uncertain that the band would continue? What was it like in 1980 when you first heard the news of Bonzo and the subsequent breakup of Led Zeppelin?
  6. lol no I just like breaking down things into chapters. I would write a book but I'm such a huge procrastinator and honestly not a very good writer that it wouldn't be worth it. More than anything else I'm interested in how things change over time. I would love to write an autobiography because I like looking at my own life and breaking it down into chapters but why bother? I'm not famous or anything. Maybe I should just do it for me and never publish it.
  7. Well I've been a casual fan since 1994 or 1995 (when I was 10 or 11) and a outright hardcore fan since I was 17 or 18 (I'm 25 now). Hammer of the Gods is a bunch of horseshit. I read the first few pages in a book store and it hurt my head how horribly written it was. I'm not a fantastical person. If I read up on Led Zeppelin I want to read fact, not some made up bullshit that's written as if Led Zeppelin was something created out of fiction. I'm a very cynical person by nature, so that's why my first post was the way it was. Of course I would prefer if they kept on making amazing albums through the 90's and never stopped being amazing but realistically I don't see that happening. I believe in 1980 they were really on top of things and up until the mid 80's they'd continue to be amazing but at some point the spark that drives their awesomeness would die and they'd inevitably travel down the road of mediocrity. In a way I'm glad the band ended the way it did, assuming they'd inevitably fade out otherwise. If you only had two choices would you rather have them burn out (as they did) or fade away? I'd much prefer them to burn out, having nothing to taint their image and a perfect record of excellent albums because they ended before they could put something out that was mediocre.
  8. definitely, if only to set the record straight on many things. For instance until recently I thought that the riff from Whole Lotta Love was born from a live performance of Dazed and Confused - Jimmy said in an interview somewhere (can't remember where) that this is not true - he came up with the riff off the stage on his own.
  9. O2 DVD. The bootlegs just don't seem to do the show justice. I love videogames (in particular Grand Theft Auto games) but I have no interest in music games. I'm a huge fan of the Beatles but no way in hell am I going to spend over a hundred bucks on Beatles Rock Band. Also, with another live DVD like the one in 2003 I think the quality of the performances wouldn't be as good. The 2003 DVD was really the best of the best, anything else would pale in comparison.
  10. I absentmindedly voted 12 to 20... should've been 20 to 30...
  11. I'm gonna have to go with the last track "I'm Gonna Crawl", with "All My Love" and "Fool in the Rain" close behind.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was CODA. I got the first 8 thinking I had them all then soon learned that there was one last album.
  13. Loud Entertaining Daring Zealous Excellent Perfection Presence Elemental Legendary Imaginary Noise
  14. My little brother doesn't care for them (he's 16). He once thought that they were country music... he's big into stuff like Lil Wayne and Nickleback... When I was 16 Led Zeppelin was already becoming one of my favorite bands. At 16 my favorite was Linkin Park though... by 18 I was a full on Led Head. My best friend doesn't hate them necessarily (or at least he won't say it to my face because he knows I am a huge fan) but he definitely isn't much of a fan. He is a big fan of music and he has a huge collection of music on his computer (several days worth if played back to back) and I don't believe any of it is Led Zeppelin. He, like my brother, likes Nickleback (yuck) but at least he despises Lil Wayne. He's just not into classic rock save for Foreigner. Everyone in my family save for my brother likes it to an extent. My dad (not the same father as my brother - we're half brothers) got me into Led Zeppelin in the first place and has the box set. He's nowhere near as into it as I am though. My mom and sister like it to a certain extent. My mom likes Stairway in particular and my sister can really get into it if she's in the right mood.
  15. what would you name the chapters? also explain why you chose the breaks imo: two: Chapter 1: Misty Mountain Hop (1968 to 1973) It's pretty much all good for their first 6 years. In 1973 Plant's voice starts to fall apart. Also 1973's HotH is their last album with Atlantic records. 1974 is the first year where they neither tour nor release another album. Chapter 2: In Through the Out Door (1974 to 1982) three: Chapter 1: Misty Mountain Hop (1968 to 1973) (same reasons as above) Chapter 2: Physical Graffiti (1974 to 1977) 1978 was the second and last year that they neither toured nor released an album as a band. What separates these chapters is the death of Plant's son and the band's near break-up at the time. Chapter 3: In Through The Out Door (1978 to 1982) four: Chapter 1: Led Zeppelin (1968 to 1970) Made the split at '71 because with their 4th album they became much more accepted as a band and gained a much larger fan base. People stopped comparing them to bands like Black Sabbath and Stairway to Heaven launched them to a legendary status. Also with their 4th album they for the first time made an album without Led Zeppelin in the title. Chapter 2: Misty Mountain Hop (1971 to 1973) Chapter 3: Physical Graffiti (1974 to 1977) Chapter 4: In Through The Out Door (1978 to 1982) What do you think? agree? disagree? where would you draw the line? post your own
  16. I call it Led Zeppelin IV. That's what I called it when I first got into Led Zeppelin. Then I started calling it "Zoso" because I thought Jimmy Page's character was the album title. Then I learned that it was intended to be without a title and I called it untitled. I heard that the four symbols actually make up the title so I called it either untitled or four symbols (or when on a computer I tried to use the four symbols). THEN I heard that Page himself just refers to it in interviews as Led Zeppelin IV. So I've gone back to calling the album Led Zeppelin IV.
  17. hmm so in a way it's the last Led Zeppelin song. btw do you guys recommend those two books? I'm always interested in finding out more about Led Zeppelin but a lot of written material is frustratingly fictional *cough*hammerofthegods*/cough*
  18. I thought it was recorded during the sessions for ITTOD but on wikipedia it says that the backing track was recorded in 1972 while the vocals might have been recorded in 1982. What's the real story?
  19. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Here are some scenarios: 1) they tour America in 80. they go on to make another album that's released in 1981 that has a heavy sound. Jimmy Page dies from overdose in 1982. 2) Bonzo dies during the American tour in 80 from alcohol poisoning 3) they tour America in 80, make the album in 1981, then release studio albums in 1984, 1989 and 1991 and a live album in 1986 then they just fade out. Bonham and JPJ encourage Plant and Page to end the band. By 1991 nobody takes them seriously anymore and their sound is washed out. The 1981 album is very heavy with punk elements to it and is almost universally regarded as their last great album, the 1984 album has glam, new wave and ska elements and is a failure both commercially and critically, the 1989 one goes back to their blues roots for the first time in many years and is good, and their last album in 1991 where they experiment with thrash, grunge and hip hop is their worst. add yours. I was sort of thinking like "The Time Machine" no matter what happens Led Zeppelin's fate is doomed
  20. mine: Led Zeppelin: 1 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 2 Dazed and Confused 3 How Many More Times Led Zeppelin II: 1 Heartbreaker 2 Whole Lotta Love 3 What is and What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin III: 1 Since I've Been Loving You 2 That's the Way 3 Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin IV: 1 Going to California 2 Misty Mountain Hop 3 When the Levee Breaks I'm so sick of Stairway it isn't even funny. i skip it every time i listen to IV now. Houses of the Holy: 1 The Ocean 2 Dancing Days 3 The Rain Song Physical Graffiti: 1 In My Time of Dying 2 Black Country Woman 3 The Wanton Song Presence: 1 Achilles Last Stand 2 Nobody's Fault But Mine 3 For Your Life In Through the Out Door: 1 I'm Gonna Crawl 2 Fool in the Rain 3 All My Love CODA: 1 Wearing and Tearing (excellent song, I wish they'd put this on ITTOD in place of Carouselambra ) 2 Bonzo's Montreux 3 Poor Tom
  21. there wasn't one song or even a couple of songs. my dad bought the box set in the mid 90's and played it a lot in his car. looking at the list of songs on that compilation, the songs from their that impacted me the most into liking Led Zeppelin were: Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Communication Breakdown, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, What is and What Should Never Be, Dazed and Confused, Ramble On, Hey Hey What Can I Do, Black Dog, Over the Hills and Far Away, Immigrant Song, Misty Mountain Hop, Stairway to Heaven and Dancing Days so 14 songs started me on Led Zeppelin. I bought Early Days then Later Days then finally my first zep album - Led Zeppelin II.
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