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  1. Is this a new release that has leaked early? It is fifty years on after all. http://www.elusivedisc.com/Led-Zeppelin-Live-at-Fillmore-West-in-San-Francisco-24th-of-April-1969-LP/productinfo/DBQPLP017/ Cheers
  2. Picked up a copy of the 3CD set yesterday at HMV. The pages in the booklet are assembled out of order making it a bit of fun to read. Does anyone else have the same issue?. I will do a listing of the page sequence once I have the time to figure it all out.
  3. Now's the time, the Time is NOW!!! C'mon lads how about it?
  4. They chose the right guy to do the site. Sam Rapallo is a clever gent....lots of nice subtle touches throughout the site...it would be nice however if wallpapers and screensavers were to made available. Keep up the great work Sam!!! Mr. R. Fist
  5. I have a copy of Houses of the Holy on vinyl...the image inside the gatefold is from an album by a Canadian band called Harmonium...it's kind of cool because the photo is of an orange cloudscape...so it kind of matches the original motif in a way. Mr. R. Fist
  6. If you look real close at the very small rocks on the lower left you can see it carved in stone, weathered by time, in ancient Navajo..."Zeppelin Rocks" signed The Great Creator
  7. No No No...he was not burning a business card....hehehehehe The guy on the cover was burning a "Dear John" letter...lamenting at the bar (pub) as those in the scene look on...its right on the funky water colour sleeve....plain as day...sitting in the ashtray..."Dear John"...pull out your vinyl or Japanese Album sleeve reproduction CDs...but whatever you do, don't forget to share the solution of the DVD mystery as mentioned by Nirvana...I must have a look at my copy too Cheers Lads
  8. Perhaps they will please us all by playing a 4 hour marathon, including many of the songs anticapted here. There should be some interesting medleys to say the least. I only wish I were able to attend. If all goes well but no tour comes to light, I hope the band sees fit to share the entire performance with the rest of us in a nice DVD package...with all the extra trimmings. Cheers Lads.
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