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  1. Zep was more Complex.  I felt like Eddie seems to be able to flow a bit better than Page on his instrument.  I don't know how to say this but if Page was a superhero.  He would be Green Lantern.  Where he can make constructs.  EVH was The Flash.  The powers are already there.


  2. To your ears.  Whats the difference between the two as players?

    I feel like Page's guitar playing he is digging for sounds.  Eddie just has it and spits it out.   Its almost like Eddie is not thinking about what he plays.  Page is always The Commander thinking about his next move.  Page is sloppy, but I love it.  Eddie is more precise and he can't disguise his sound.  Even when he is not tapping.  I feel like Eddie's better at the fast songs than slow songs.  Page is a Blues player with a bit of magic.  

    They are both lead players in their bands in terms of songwriters.  I feel like If Eddie made a song.  He would write it in one form including solos.  VH would splice in drums/vocals/bass around the guitar.  In Zep.  They pieced together music and jammed songs out.  

    I feel like Eddie comes off as the guitar is easy to play.  Page does not struggle, but he has to think about things a little bit more.  


  3. What songs do you think are counterparts to each other with Zep/Sabbath.  Like This would be Sabbath's Stairway if you will.

    Zep- Communication Breakdown to Sabbath would be Paranoid.

    Dazed and Confused to Sabbath would be Black Sabbath.

    Whole Lotta Love to Sabbath is Iron Man.

    Black Dog to Sabbath is War Pigs.

    No Quater to Sabbath is Planet Caravan.

  4. Presence to me is hard and ruff.  Its Zep in a bad mood.  Not one really happy song on there.  ITTOD sounds a little bit happy.  Its hard to connect ITTOD with the band that made Zep 1 to PG.  I guess each band is different.  To me its like Zep really aged after Presence.  Someone here said it a long time ago.  ITTOD sounds like Zep aged 10 yrs from Presence.  

  5. Whats the big difference between these two albums for you?  

    For me.  Presence feels more connected to the first 6 albums.  ITTOD.  It feels like Zep aged.  No longer kids if you get my meaning.  Presence has more solid Riffs/Solos.  The songs come off as darker and not in a good way.  ITTOD riffs are ok, but not spectacular.  I never hear anyone cover this era of Zep.  Fool in the Rain is the only song I hear on the radio.  I can't belive in the 3 yrs between both alums resulted in a sonically weak album in ITTOD.  

    Mind you.  At least it feels like Zep are right in time and they tried not to do a throwback.   I see these two albums in the bargin bin at music shops.  Presence my fave is For Your Life/ALStand/ ITTOD-Fool in the Rain/In the Evening/I'm Gonna Crawl.

    On Presence at least Zep sound powerful, but dark.  ITTOD.  Bonzo still sound strong.  The others not so much.  

  6. Its a hard VS question to debate.  I will take one aspect of it for me.  Its the year or my birth.  1971 ZoSo vs Sticky Fingers.  Which is the better album.  Which one should be the one that modern Rock and Roll bands should study.  

    Sticky Fingers vs ZoSo.  Album covers.  For me Zep wins.

    Vocals. Plant vs Jagger.  Plant vocals are overdubbed.  Jagger rocks it out.  I feel like because Jagger sounds more natural so Jagger wins for me.

    Riffs.  This is very hard.  Zep Riffs vs Stones Riffs.  Draw.  Both are great.

    Lyrics-Zep wins

    Drums-Bonzo wins over Watts.

    Bass-JPJ wins over Wyman.

    Guitar.  Its basically Page and his overdubs vs Keef/Taylor.  Hard to beat, but Page wins for me.

    Songs.  That tough.  ZoSo I love all the songs.  Sticky Fingers I could do with out Sway.  Its so hard to say.  I would really have to dig into the songs more.  I would say draw.

    Epic song.  Knocking vs Levee.  Thats hard.  Both of them are great.  Levee wins for me.  As its a top 10 Epic song for me.  

    Popular radio song.  Brown Sugar vs Black Dog.  Of course they are about sex to certain extents.  Black Dog I never get sick of.  So Zep wins on that front.  

    I feel like Sticky Fingers is more down and dirty Stones.  Where ZoSo is Zep being slick.  If I had to say which album Sticky Fingers should vs its actually Zep 2 where both albums have a down and dirty raw feel to it.  


    All in all which album would I reach for.  Both. Yet I feel like ZoSo wins but not by much.

  7. My take on Zep vs Purple is this.  I think that Purple had more precision than Zep.  Zep more wild and loose.  I saw Purple live a couple of years ago.  I did not feel the magic as much.  

    I listen to way more Zep than Purple.  Jon Lord's Keys are very key to Purple's sound.  Almost like having another guitar around, but disguised as a Keyboard.  


    Who has the best dynamic of the following Frontman/woman/Guitars in terms of chemistry.



    Jagger/Richards-The Rolling Stones

    DLR/Sammy/Eddie VH-Van Halen

    Gillen/Blackmore-Deep Purple


    Roger/Pete-The Who

    Buckingham/Nicks-Fleetwood Mac

    Paul/John-The Beatles

    Bon Scott/Brian Johnson-Angus Young- AC/DC

    Henley/Frey-The eagles



    Ian/Billy-The Cult

    Ritchie/Jon-Bon Jovi


    Just who do you think when you hear them comes off as Rock solid.  Add anyone if you care to.  





  9. I was listening to a Jimmy Page interview where he stated that Led Zeppelin where basically the only band that Bonzo skill set would allow him to play the drums the way he wanted to.  

    I posted that statement on my Zep Facebook group and it sort of caused an up roar.  

    Do any of you think you could plug Zep into a band where he would do well, or do you think that Bonzo's style would cripple the band.  Like could Bonzo fit into Sabbath better than The Who/Beatles/Stones/Hendrix.  

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